Is there anything better than a baby discovering bubbles for the first time? Certainly not the subsequent screaming for BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES every moment of every freakin' day from that point forward. (The word "freakin" was brought to you by the people upset with the vulgarity of yesterday's post.)

Speaking of posts (segue alert), remember the post I wrote a few weeks ago about "Regrettably Childish Tattoos"? Afterwards, my friend Brian (aka Uncle Brian and also the man behind The Karate Baby poster) sent me the picture below.

Wiles INK2 That's my husband Mike's head tattooed on Brian's shoulder. Apparently, this is how single men from LA spend their time between freelance jobs and tanning opportunities— using photoshop to create fodder for mommy bloggers. At least, I HOPE that's photoshop. Otherwise, between the Mike tribute and the mustache, I'm starting to get a whole new understanding of why Brian is still single.

What else happened these past two weeks besides Mike getting totally creeped out by his friend?

• We visited "Roc & Roe" in the mall food court (try the shrimp tempura rolls— they're delicious!)— I mean, Congratulations, Mariah Carey!

• We learned where "Pantless Bradley Cooper" falls on "The Ideal Mother's Day Vortex"

• We blamed Calista Flockhart for my co-ed office bathroom

• We kept our toddlers far far away from bowling alleys

• We coveted the role of thy uncle

• We gave Mike a collective pass for turning the baby into Tyler Durden

• Dr. B gave us tips for playing with our toddlers outdoors

• Mazzy got awarded the one-on-one date on The Bachelor

• And we expanded our book collections to include an incredibly tasteful *ahem* selection of new childhood classics

Also— I left the comforts of Mommy Shorts and guest posted a few times this week. You can find me at…

"The Truth About Motherhood" talking about my awkwardness around children

"Mommy of a Monster" talking about an unfortunate crayon incident

"Mama Wants This" answering questions and accepting a caption contest challenge

• And lastly, "The Little Mumma" surprised me with a "Heads Up!" feature.

Congratulations once again to Shawna, Sarah, Stacey, Danielle and Kendra for winning "The Mother of All Cupcakes" giveaway. Their orders have been placed and they have promised to send back pictures. Then I am going to eat them.

Baby-gaga-23998-1304954597-20 I will leave you with an image I saw in New York Magazine of Lady Gaga drawn by Ariel Schrag— or as she describes the look— Baby Gaga (pictured left).

I'm not sure I would dedicate Mazzy to this particular cause BUT— if Lady Gaga ever sets her sights on an Elmo-kill coat, she should give me a call. I've got at least two that would happily die for fashion.

Have a good weekend!

— Mommy Shorts