Selecting the ten runner-ups and the grand prize winner for the Mom Skillz contest sponsored by myCharge was probably harder than judging any other contest in the history of this blog. And that’s saying something. As Angie (aka Fashion By Mayhem) said after reading my top 75 entries (read them here and here), “This is way freaking harder than I thought it was going to be. WAY.”

But besides being a hard choice, reading through all the mom skillz was awe-inspiring.

“Holy shit,” said Amy (aka Pregnant Chicken). “These women are amazing. The more I read the more the wind machine and Katy Perry ‘Roar’ amped up and I’m lucky I didn’t punch a hole in the drywall screaming ‘WOMEN ROCK!'”

In addition to Angie and Amy, the judges were myself, Karen (aka Baby Sideburns), Julie (aka Rants from Mommyland), and all of our mothers. Each judge was instructed to select a #1 and a #2 pick. When four of our ten judges came back with the same mom as their #1 pick, I made that mom our grand prize winner.

The grand prize winner of the Mom Skillz contest, who will take home a Mini iPad and a myCharge Hub 6000 is….

mom skillz winner

Why did the judges choose Jessica, besides the obvious?

Julie said Sophia’s smiling face “practically made me pass out from cuteness” and Karen said she loved how Jessica didn’t just fix things for her daughter, “she empowered her to change things for herself.”

Congratulations, Jessica! I hope your prize makes your holidays that much happier!

We have ten more runner-ups to award a hot pink myCharge Razor Plus. Each judge got to pick one.

Angie (aka Fashion By Mayhem) chose…


“I’m totally jealous of that ability,” Angie said. “It’s probably best I don’t have that though… I’d abuse that power in a heartbeat.”

Angie’s Mom chose…


Amy (aka Pregnant Chicken) chose…


“You know what I was doing at 25?” Amy said. “Getting drunk and buying boots. It’s one thing to say, ‘Wow, this kid needs someone to step up’ but it’s another thing to actually do it.”

Amy’s mom chose…


Amy’s mom said, “I am sure there is a baker out there who knows how this is done, but I don’t.”

Julie (aka Rants from Mommyland) chose…


Julie picked Billie because “a shared appreciation for Geek Culture is pretty much the glue that holds my family together.”

Julie’s Mom chose….


Julie’s mom says, “when you decide to love someone else’s baby like your own, that’s pretty much the best thing ever.”

Karen (aka Baby Sideburns) chose…


“Doing an awesome job as a mom is basically a big game of improv because kids are constantly throwing the unexpected at us,” Karen said. “The mom who thinks on her feet the fastest wins.”

Karen’s Mom chose…


 Karen’s mom thought Lauren’s solution was “adorable and clever” plus, “it averted a possible meltdown!”

I (aka Mommy Shorts) chose…


I picked Lindsay because I bragged about my braiding skills and Lindsay totally showed me up. I know when I’ve been beat.

My Mom chose…


My mom says “being an advocate for her own family as well as a resource for others makes this woman a hero.”

So there you have it. Congratulations to all the winners! I hope you enjoy your prizes! Please contact to claim them. And a big thank you to myCharge for sponsoring this contest and giving us all a reason to brag about what we do best.

MyCharge is “the ultimate in portable power solutions” and has many options for busy moms who must keep their devices (and their kids’ devices) charged throughout the day while on the go. The myCharge Hub 6000 has built-in cables and connectors for smartphones, tablets, e-readers or whatever device your little rugrat is choosing to drain the battery out of that day. You can get up to 27 hours of additional talk time, as well as integrated, quick-charge wall prongs. That’s why myCharge refers to it as their “Swiss Army Knife of portable power devices”.


The myCharge Razor Plus is super light, ultra-thin and delivers 13 hours of additional talk time for your smartphone. So you can let your kid play Candy Crush on your phone all through dinner at the diner and still be able to call Grandma on the way home. Did I mention it comes in hot pink?

To see all the myCharge products, click here. Personally, I think the patterned energy shots (see below) would make an awesome stocking stuffer.


Thanks to everyone who entered!


This post was sponsored by myCharge, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.