Picture 19 I've got a full-time freelance gig at the moment. Which is great except for one major thing. It's in an office with a (brace yourself)— CO-ED BATHROOM.

I have determined this is the worst possible thing that a company can do to their employees. At least their women employees. I assume the men don't care since I have witnessed more than one walk boldly into the bathroom with a newspaper tucked under one arm.

Call me crazy but I would rather pee with a toddler on my lap than have to listen to a male co-worker rustle a newspaper in an adjoining stall.

For the first time in my life, I refuse to use a public restroom. I wait until I get home. And I blame Ally McBeal for this crack in an otherwise lovely work environment.

Somehow, despite the job, I agreed to do three guest posts this week. Today I am supposed to be featured by Shell over at "Things I Can't Say" but apparently her blog is down and she's not sure it will be fixed in time to run the post.

So although I would very much like to link to my post entitled "You Can't Take A Toddler Anywhere", I cannot. Instead I must leave you with a bunch of nonsense about office bathrooms.

I even thought about linking up to MommaKiss and her "Guide to Going #2 at Work" since it's related and hilarious. But her blog doesn't seem to be working either.

And then I headed over to my friends at Rants from Mommyland to see if their blog is broken and their last post is a video of a little girl playing with a dead squirrel. Not like a fake dead squirrel that you realize is a stuffed animal halfway in and it's all one big hilarious joke. No. A REAL DEAD SQUIRREL. Not only that— it's got over four hundred facebook likes. WTF is going on???

OOOOOH. It's Friday the 13th. It all make sense now.

So I'm just going to go to bed. And I hope that tomorrow, BloggyLand is magically fixed and parents keep road kill out of the hands of their children.

UPDATE: I did not go to bed. I wrote a post for "The Red Writing Hood". It's about gorging myself on my wedding day. You can find it here.