Below is a picture from 1980 of my mom, myself and my newly born sister.


For Mother's Day, my mom, my sister and I took Mazzy to a children's concert. But since the concert was indoors and it was a beautiful day, we were the only people there. This felt strangely like we had been awarded one of the coveted one-on-one dates on The Bachelor.

Let me just tell you— it was just as special as I always imagined.

The musician, a children's folk singer named Ivan Ulz, sang whatever songs Mazzy wanted while we all danced with her on a little stage. Plus we didn't have to suffer through any horribly mundane conversations with Brad Womack so it was a total win-win.

The rest of the day was lovely but not great blog fodder— chocolate chip banana panckaes, lunch at B-Bar, Washington Square Park, Mike cooking dinner. With a few lack-of-nap meltdowns thrown in for good measure. Oh— and there was a syrup shortage scare. Luckily, we found another bottle in the back of the cabinet before Mother's Day was ruined entirely.

As a direct affront to the loveliness of Mother's Day, today I am guest posting over at Mommy of a Monster for Natalie's Monster Mommy Moments feature. (You might remember Natalie from my favorite caption contest of all time— the one where her child was deemed the spitting image of Hannibal Lecter.) Every week, a different mom shares her "NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!" moment.

I've never screamed at Mazzy. I'm saving it up for an age when it can pack more punch. I do, however, have many moments of "Mommy Neglect". So be sure to hop over and check out my post where I'll be detailing a little obsession I have with my two other babies— my laptop and my iPhone.


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For everyone else— I want to know what you got for mother's day. I got the usual— a card with a declaration of what the gift will be as soon as my husband buys it. On the plus side, shopping for Father's Day just got a hell of a lot easier.