Today, I am going to be on Anderson Cooper Live as the "Blogger of the Day". If you live in New York, it's on FOX at 12pm, but check your local listings if you live anywhere else.

Before you get too excited, I'll be representing Babble, not Mommy Shorts, and I believe the whole gig is sitting in the audience with my computer on my lap, while live tweeting the show. But, I have to get there at 6:30am and I'll be going through hair and make-up, so I have to assume I'll have a camera on me at some point.

Tweeting from the audience would sound totally stress-free, if I wasn't worried about my milk leaking through my shirt on national television.

I wrote about my fear yesterday on the Mommy Shorts fanpage and asked if anyone had a nursing pad brand they would recommend. Over one hundred people responded (people are really passionate about their nursing pads!) with everything from Lansinoh to Medela, but the comment that got my attention was from a brand called Bamboobies.

41n+VL6mYOL._SL500_AA300_Bamboobies said this was no time for disposables and they would messenger me their washable pads so I would have them in time for the show. (Sometimes, I really like this blogging thing.)

So today, on Anderson Cooper Live, I will be wearing a pair of pale pink heart-shaped velour Bamboobies under a purple silk shirt. (SILK? ARE YOU CRAZY?? Yep, I like to live dangerously. And I have limited options thanks to giving birth a month and a half ago.) Now, anybody who tunes in, can stare at my boobs for an hour and check for signs of leakage.

You gotta hand it to Bamboobies— they must have a lot of confidence in their product. This is the ultimate test, no? 

Also? I'm bringing my portable hand pump to drain those suckers dry right before the show.

What else happened these past few weeks besides my girls making their televised debut?

• Mazzy is still opening presents from her third birthday

• Harlow started taking drugs

• I forced everyone to take a family photo

• We used our baby as a mop

• Mazzy met a bear she didn't like


• We put a Starbucks napkin in our pocket and called it a diaper bag

• We discovered "A Regular Evening" is the ultimate drinking game

• We blamed our hacking coughs on preschool

• Mazzy failed 2012

• Kimye procreated

• The Babymoon ended

• The next Travis Wall was born (points if you know who that is)

• A stay-at-home dad committed some video trickery

• We took our pooches for a walk

and finally…

• I partnered with Elizabeth Street and Bobble to find this month's InstaMom.

Incidentally, if you have heard about the metal water bottle scare (kids are getting their tongues stuck and the consequences are pretty scary), Bobble seems like an excellent reuseable water bottle alternative.

In other disappointing product news, the Fisher Price Newborn Rock 'N Play Sleeper was recalled on Tuesday, just one day after I recommended it as a great solution for Harlow's reflux.

The problem stems from mold easily developing between the fabric and the frame. There has been some back and forth about whether or not this is an actual concern or just people not cleaning the sleeper correctly. But, I also heard from a few seemingly smart people who said they washed it weekly, waited for it to fully dry and still noticed a problem.

I'm going to continue using it but check for mold daily. I plan on switching Harlow to the crib in a month anyway.

Last thing, before I go— have you seen the iPotty yet?


Yep, it's a real thing.

At this point, I think it's probably the only thing that would get Mazzy to use the toilet. But I absolutely refuse to be the kind of parent who would use it.

Lazy parenting aside, there is not enough screen cleaner on earth to make this okay.

Have a great weekend!

— Mommy Shorts

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