No matter what you gave or received over Christmas (iPad Minis, LeapPads, all expense paid trips to Disney World), I guarantee none of them hold a candle to the BABY MOP (pictured above).

I've seen this creation on Pinterest a bunch of times but thought it was a joke. Then NickMom published The Pros and Cons of the Baby Mop and I followed the link to an online shop called "Better Than Pants" and realized THE BABY MOP IS A REAL PRODUCT. It can be yours for just $40.

Now I can't wait for Harlow to go mobile so I can get rid of the cleaning woman and get my floors mopped for free. Plus, the cleaning woman comes once every two weeks and my baby could mop the floors up to 12 hours a day. I'll have the cleanest kitchen floor in all of Manhattan!

The manufacturer says you are not just doing yourselves a favor, you are providing your baby with "a strong work ethic early on in life", teaching them not to drop or waste food and giving that baby a much needed workout. 

I KNEW MY BABY WAS BEING LAZY! I mean, the kid is a month old already and she just LIES there.

I just wish there was more I could do with her than just floors. Wrap her in brillo and have the world's largest scrub brush? Swaddle her, attach her to a stick and clean the windows? Think of the surface area she could cover at once!

Well, Valentine's Day is coming up. I guess I know what I am asking for. 

Now I'm going to search the web for super absorbant baby sponge mittens to complete the outfit. If I can't find them, I am going to make and market them myself.

Clearly, in the year 2013, YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING.


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