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On this week’s episode of The Mommy Show, Sherri Shepherd shows up to talk tantrums (her son had one before meeting President Obama), craft houses out of milk cartons and try to open the packaging for a $10 toy with a screw driver.

This is the 12th episode of The Mommy Show and the last one shot for the series. BUT GREAT NEWS! I just signed up for Season #2!!!

To celebrate, ulive made me my very own Mommy Show sizzle reel. If you’ve never seen an episode, this is a great primer for what goes on. Celebrities come over, try to figure out what wrong turn their career took that led them to my living room, and then eventually ask for a drink.

Check it out. It’s my new favorite thing.

But back to Sherri.

She was hands down, one of my favorite guests.

After we shot the first scene where she enters my apartment, she turned to me and said, “Oh, I like this. I feel like I’m on Curb Your Enthusiasm!”

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Ummmm….greatest compliment ever.

There are certain people that are just easy to talk to (probably the result of her being on a talk show herself) and I think you can tell I am having a lot of fun this episode. It also helps that she’s super funny (any other big Angie Jordan fans out there?) and made it a personal goal to make Mazzy laugh during filming.

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Sherri was also there to talk about her book “Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes”, which is Mazzy’s new favorite bedtime story. You can tell by the way she carefully leafs through it at 2:40.

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Did I mention Mazzy crawled on and off my lap the entire interview? Sherri is explaining how a good interviewer should be listening and interested in the person they are interviewing, and I’m thinking— why can’t Mazzy stay still for one second? Are there ACTUALLY ants in her pants? Oh wait. What’s Sherri saying? I should be listening to her? Right….

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A big thanks to NickMom for helping me get Sherri Shepherd as a guest. Sherri is the hilarious host of NickMom’s Night Out, a stand-up comedy showcase specifically featuring parents.

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I’m giving away two signed copies of Sherri’s book in the comment section below. Just tell me which celebrities you’d like to see in the second season.

I’ll pick two winners at random next Friday.

Hope you like the final episode! It’s one of my favorites.

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