This week Mazzy finally got over her stomach bug, but not before it claimed four more victims. (Next time we will keep her quarantined, I promise). The photo above was our second attempt to elicit a birthday cake worthy reaction since Mazzy's first piece of cake resulted in early onset depression. This time we tried Carvel Ice Cream Cake. She cried. I give up. Next thing you know Mazzy will be rejecting jewelry and requests to play online scrabble and then we will truly have nothing in common.

And in other equally important news—I got another freelance job that starts Monday meaning that I am officially a working person again. Life is constantly changing.

What else happened in this rollercoaster week?

Mazzy took her first few steps. Unfortunately, her walking motivation ended with the removal of her fancy undergarments.

• December 9th was declared a national holiday. To get into the spirit, you must act like a household pet by eating tablescraps off other people's plates.

• Working mothers everywhere cashed in their gym memberships to buy eco-friendly blocks.

• We stopped biting our babies and started wearing our vegetables.

• Jeanine was crowned Queen of the Caption Contest.

• And finally, I tripped over some brand new toys.

If you are still shopping for your holiday gifts, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Hanukah is OVER and Christmas is PRACTICALLY TOMORROW!!! I mean, perhaps I can help with the Mommy Shorts Holiday Gift Guide.

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