Tegu Tints have a lot going for them. They are magnetic, candy-colored blocks made by a Honduras based company with a commitment to designing innovative toys that stimulate imaginative play without relying on batteries or on/off switches. Plus, Tegu uses only sustainable harvested tropical wood, gives back to the community through aide to local schools, and donates a portion of their profits towards reforestation (for each tree Tegu uses to create their wooden toys, they plant around 6000 new ones).

InTegu-thumb-300x300-25160 other words, If Tegu were a girl in high school, she would be the captain of the cheerleading squad who also starred in the school play, graduated first in her class, volunteered at the local soup kitchen on the weekends and won the science fair.

And that's not even the coolest part. To demonstrate how innovative Tegu Tints actually are, the company is live streaming building sessions online. They will take any request (simply tweet your request @Tegu) and they will build it for you. I suggest tweeting "a baseball diamond in the middle of a corn field". Too easy? How bout "James Earl Jones".

Sets on the Tegu site are sold out. But I found some in stock on Amazon for $60. And seriously, check out the live stream. I just watched @Tegu build @fingercrossed a Delorean.