Above is a selection of the presents Mazzy received for her first birthday. Some of these gifts are the result of people using the Mommy Shorts Holiday Gift Guide as a birthday registry. That was not my intention but I'm not complaining. If you're gonna flood your apartment with toys, they might as well look pretty. Check out the guide for yourself— it's separated into categories:

Holiday Gift Guide

In Mazzy's Room

Featured on Mommy Shorts

Best Newborn Gifts

Mazzy's Favorite Books

First Birthday Gifts

Big Ticket Baby

If Mazzy Were A Boy

Dr. B's Recommended Toys

If you decide to purchase one of the items from the Mommy Shorts Shop, please do me the favor of purchasing it through my site. That way I'll get a percentage of the sale. Everyone wins!

Items above clockwise from left: Duck Pull Toy from Vilac, Good Earth Fairy from Miyim, Shearling Coat from Baby Gap, Gallop!: A Scanimation Picture Book, EverEarth Activity Walker by Maxim, Barnyard Jumbo Knob Puzzle from Melissa & Doug, Vest Jacket (in clover) from Appaman, Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Boots from Melissa & Doug, Gourmet Chef Kitchen by Educo

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