Today's baby profiling is about a social media expert and his fancypants sister. Plus we've got an entry from Becka who writes Ramblings of a Stay-at-Home Mom. She's got a son with a shoe fetish who needs to aim a bit higher.

IMG_0891  Name: Nicholas

  Nickname: Snickers

  Build: Athletic

  Signature Style: Disheveled Prep

  Favorite Grub: Bananas

  Can't Live Without: An iPhone
  (Editor's note: Me neither!)

  Favorite Book: Goodnight Moon

  Pet Peeve: When Mommy takes
  back her iPhone

  Best Trick: Checking in on

  Future Career: DJ



IMG_0848a  Name: Sylvia

  Nickname: Sweetcheeks

  Build: Peanut

  Signature Style: Fancy

  Favorite Grub: Cupcakes

  Can't Live Without: Coloring

  Favorite Book: The Sesame
  Street Dictionary

Pet Peeve: "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!"

Best Trick: Prolonging bedtime routine to over an hour

Future Career: Bossy Princess Chef (Editor's Note: She's a pioneer!)

Videoss 017 (2)(2)  Name: Evan

  Nickname: Squishie

  Build: Linebacker

  Signature Style: Arnold Palmer

  Food Philosophy: Carnivore!

  Can't Live Without: His blue

  Favorite Book: Barney's Color
(Mom's Note: Help us!)

  Biggest Obsession: Shoes

  Best Trick: Hiding his binky right
  before bedtime as a stalling

Pet Peeve: Sleeping

Future Career: Shoe salesman

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