Lots happened this week but mainly it all boiled down to the very important celebration of Mazzy's first birthday and the ensuing onslaught of MSB (Mazzy's Stomach Bug). Did you happen to notice that there was no Dr. B this week? Do you know why? MSB! How about Poppy? MSB! Charlie? Say it with me— MSB! So, in twenty years when Mazzy throws a party and says she wants it to be SO EPIC that everyone is out of commission the following day? Know that she is NOT fucking around.

Here's what else went down in the week my husband and I sang "Happy Birthday" with IRONY:

M. Night Shyamalan's newest movie totally tanked

• As did the Anne Hathaway/Gerard Butler/Julia Roberts vehicle "Cruising for Love"

• Sandra Bullock soothed a bleary-eyed Mazzy back to sleep

• I teamed up with Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega Mu to throw a party to end all parties

The Princess Bride remake started pre-production

Mazzy tried to steal a Louis Vuitton bag

Grammy got Bono to sing at Mazzy's birthday party

• I started writing RIDICULOUS amounts of "Thank You" cards (RIGHT???!!!)

• And my awesome Mother-In-Law gave everyone "The Gift of Awkwardness" as a parting gift

The freelance gig is over, so next week, Mommy Shorts will be back to it's regular schedule with Dr. B Wednesdays and Best of Baby Design Thursdays, etc. etc. Also, if you are still looking for baby gifts for the holidays, check out the Mommy Shorts Holiday Gift Guide— items I handpicked through

Before I leave you for the weekend, I've got one more request directly from the birthday girl. Please send a vote my way at's Top 50 Mommy Bloggers. Just click on the link, then click on alphabetical and I should be around #250 on page 5.

I could care less about such things, but it's really important to Mazzy. And you don't want her to send you a bad case of MSB, do you?

I thought not.