CAVEAT: After rereading this post, I have determined I was still suffering from Stomach Bug Delirium when I wrote it. It reads like something out of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius with the kicker being that I AM NO GENIUS. Read on anyway. Hopefully, you won't catch anything from it. (Yes, I realize by adding this caveat, I am only making the situation worse).

Today is Mazzy's birthday. YAY! Only it is not quite what I expected. Mazzy is still SICK from the stomach bug I discussed yesterday, I am EXHAUSTED having just gotten over the stomach bug myself, and… and… and…

And why does there always have to be a third thing?? I think that's Obama's fault. Anyway, due to only those TWO things, I feel unprepared for Mazzy's special day. Remember Charlie's birthday? Now THAT was special.

The other reason that Mazzy's birthday feels a little anti-climactic is that it is on a Thursday. All birthdays should be on Saturdays. Thursday leaves you in the awkward position of having the party either the weekend before or the weekend after. To make up for this birthday glitch, my husband and I made the rather odd decision* to have two parties. One happened last weekend at our apartment for Mazzy's friends (aka our friends) and the second** will happen this coming weekend for family only at Grammy's house.

The sickness*** plus the freelance gig plus the consecutive birthday party weekends are really hurting my ability to do something extra special blogging-wise for the occasion. (I guess there ARE three things).

What I'm trying to say is this— Thankfully, I already have some celebratory Mazzy stuff ready to post BUT you'll have to forgive me if the very deep "I can't believe Mazzy is already a year old…" post and "Mazzy's Birthday: The Video" arrive some time next week.

Instead, today is dedicated to extra special time with what I like to call "real life" Mazzy. It being her birthday and all…


* This "odd decision" might also have something to do with the fact that we live in a NYC size apartment and having both friends and family over for one birthday party means the party would more closely resemble a scene from "Revenge of the Nerds" than a lovely intimate gathering for an infant. Just to be clear— when I say a party from "Revenge of the Nerds", I mean after the nerds joined the black fraternity, started sleeping with the hot girls and won the fraternity decathlon. And if that isn't clear, I mean it would be WAY TOO CROWDED.

** For those of you curious, this second party will be the party where Mazzy will be wearing the now infamous dress with the golden pantaloons gifted from my Mother-In Law (aka The World's Most Awesome Mother-In-Law Ever).

*** I wrote this post yesterday. The loose term "sickness" now translates to Mazzy being awake from the hours of 12am to 4:30am, crying in agony for almost the entire time, throwing up all over me during an attempt to bring her into bed with us, having a wad of snot the size of a compact car Krazy glued to her nose, sporting multiple patches of matted sticky hair due to a fussy rejection of Baby Tylenol, and teething. Did I mention the teething?

Addendum I
On a positive note, in the midst of the screaming and the rather impressive flow of snot, Mazzy does seem to really enjoy the "Happy Birthday" song. Even if my husband and I started singing it last night with IRONY. The tears stop and Mazzy is rendered silent until the song is over. And then we sing it again. And again. So we've got that.

Addendum II
In lieu of a birthday gift, please do me the favor of voting for Mommy Shorts for's Top 50 Mommy Bloggers. Spoiler Alert: I am just about dead last having just been entered yesterday. Click here, then click on alphabetical and you should find me at around #248 on page 5. Then just click "Like". Easy peasy.