Awhile back Rants from Mommyland and I teamed up to do "First World Problems: Mommy Edition". Now, the hilarious ladies are back with the trials and tribulations of their privileged preschoolers. It's a tough job going to gymnastics class inbetween all those episodes of Team Umizoomi!

Normally, I do a big set-up for guest bloggers but today, I'm just handing over the reins. I think the women who bested me in every mom blogging awards competition I've ever been in, can do just fine on their own.

I say this with the utmost love, respect, admiration and PURE UNFILTERED JEALOUSY.

Here they are!


Hieeeee and waving! Guru Louise here, visiting from Mommyland. I’m
a big, huge, gigantic Mommy Shorts fan so I’m pretty excited to be here. I want
to move into the apartment above Ilana’s and exchange parenting tips as our
preschoolers play and hilarity ensues. It would be like a really awesome

It’s not creepy that I just said all that, right? (Note from Ilana: Yes, please! Move in the apartment above mine! Can you put an end to the constant need to drill holes in the floor boards during nap time??)

I’m here today because a couple weeks ago I wrote about my four
year-old’s first world problems
. Things like: her crayons all broke, and
she is expected to share the iPad with her little brother, and other various

Lydia and I asked our readers what first world problems their
preschoolers have and holy crap, you guys, the responses were hilarious. We
waded through a couple hundred and selected the following as our favorites.


Check out that awesome graphic!
I suggest you print it out and hang it on your fridge so you can remind
yourself that it’s not just your kid.


Guru Louise


Alright, Mommy Shorts back now. Preschool versions of first world problems are just too fun to pass up. Anyone mind if I write a few for Mazzy? Guru Louise? (She says it's fine.)


1. I have four blankies and all of them are in the washing machine.

2. My mom's making me eat lunch in the car on my way to the Hamptons which means IT'S COLD and there is no way to warm it up in the microwave.

3. My FurReal Friends Dog woke me up in the middle of the night due to its incessant robot barking.

4. My mom told me I had to stop watching shows on the iPad and play an iPad game instead.

5. My Winnie the Pooh cup is in the dishwasher and I refuse to drink my morning smoothie out of anything else.

6. I have over 100 books but I am not in the mood for any of them.

7. Netflix wasn't working so I had to watch regular television which is interrupted by something called COMMERCIALS.

8. There were twelve kids at my friend's birthday party but only four kids were allowed in the bouncy castle at one time. 


10. My mother keeps trying to make me eat things that aren't bagels.

Okay— your turn!


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