First, I want to address a comment about my ability to quickly pull together a decent looking party spread. In response to "How to Throw a First Birthday Party in 24 Hours" Heidi (of Madame Paradox) said…

"It's just not normal that you can make a table look like that with little to no preparation… Admit it, you were bitten by a radioactive spider while leafing through Martha Stewart's Living one afternoon, right?"

My answer to this is no. I have no superpower. What I have is ALL WHITE PLATES AND PLATTERS. Food doesn't look good on anything else— that's why you never see anything but white in restaurants. Everything else on the table is CLEAR GLASS. That is my Table Decor 101 lesson for the day.

Next I need to address all the crazy places you people have used your breast pumps. In reference to "The Breast Pump: A Major Motion Picture" Tina recalled pumping on a plane (in the middle seat no less!), Lori (from In Pursuit of Martha Points) used a pump while driving a moving vehicle with the help of a cigarette lighter and a poncho (multi-tasking at it's finest), and Erin dared to mention the time she pumped at GASP! Penn Station (she assures us lots of Purell was involved).

Finally, there was much ado about how lucky I got in the Mother-In-Law department under "The Gift of Awkwardness Keeps On Giving". Alisha (from Blah Ya Ya) said she had only heard of "this good MIL phenomenon", Diane (from I'll Cut You) was afraid to even comment for fear of her Mother-In Law, and Lindsey (from My Misadventures in Dating) summed it all up very nicely with "The Internet Never Forgets".

But the "Comment of the Week" has to go to none other than The World's Most Awesome Mother-In-Law who wrote…


Need I say more?