A few years ago, someone submitted the adorable photo above for my Evil Baby Glare-Off. I thought— I don’t really think this baby has an evil glare but I’m holding onto this picture because if I ever have a Chubby Cheek-off, he’d be a frontrunner, for sure.

His cheeks are so chubby, he can’t even wear a bowtie correctly!

Cut to this summer when I met the Stonyfield team at a blogging conference. That’s the brand that makes organic milk, smoothies and yogurt including YoBaby. You probably know them because your kids have kept them in business, what with all the YoBaby they like to spread in their hair.

I told them about the Chubby Cheeky-Off, they loved the idea and here we are! Yay! The contest is on!

If you’ve ever followed my Evil Baby Glare-Off, this will be run very much the same way— tournament style. Over the next two weeks, I will be taking photo submissions and narrowing them down to the final 16 who will compete head to head on the blog for one full week in November.

The little guy above is going to have major competition— I mean, just look at my friend’s baby Ella.


And remember Brody, the baby who let me put him in a grown man’s suit to start Baby Suiting?


Oh, I know! You know who could hold her own in cheek-to-cheek competition? My brand new niece Neve!

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 10.35.15 PM

Also, look at the passport photo of my friend’s baby Aria. It’s possible she’s trying to smuggle some nuts into the country.


Harlow would never be eligible (skinny minnie that she is) but Mazzy could have been a contender back in the day.


Yep, this is going to be the most adorable contest ever. Especially since Stonyfield is giving the grand prize winner a $500 Amex gift card plus a six month supply of YoBaby yogurt!

Three runners-up (those are the babies who make the semi-finals) will also receive a $50 Amex gift card plus a three month supply of YoBaby.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 12.12.09 AM

And I’ll be giving out daily YoBaby prizes throughout the tournament. You get some yogurt and you get some yogurt and you get some yogurt!

Photo submissions will be accepted up until Oct 26th. The 16 finalists will be announced on November 10th and then the tournament will begin!

Can you tell I’m really excited?

I should also mention that my family has been diehard Stonyfield fans for years. We drink their milk, eat their yogurt and suck down their smoothies on the regular.


In fact, Harlow eats her weight in yogurt because she refused to drink milk once we took away her bottle. Yobaby and Stonyfield smoothies are how we’ve made sure Harlow gets her daily allowance of dairy for the past two years.


Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt is the ideal first food for babies 6 months and up, since it is healthy, organic and made without GMOs or antibiotics. It has a mild flavor and smooth texture babies love and is made with whole milk since babies need fat to support their rapidly growing brains.

All Stonyfield products (which includes baby and kids yogurt, traditional and Greek yogurt, milk and smoothies) are made with certified organic ingredients without toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones or GMOs. They also support family farms and eco-friendly practices.

To learn more, visit Stonyfield.com.

I cannot think of a more perfect partner to launch a Chubby Cheek-Off!

To enter, post your pictures on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page or tag #chubbycheekoff on Instagram. They can be current or pictures of your kids when they were babies. If you submit on Instagram, you must tag and follow both @mommyshorts and @stonyfield to win.

To properly kick things off, let’s have our first giveaway in the comments below. Tell me about your child’s love of yogurt for the chance to win 4 six packs of YoBaby organic yogurt and a set of Green Sprouts stacking cups.

I’ll pick two winners at random on Friday!


This post was sponsored by Stonyfield but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

UPDATE: Congrats to Amy (from Elephant Eats) and Jung Park! You both won 4 six packs of YoBaby and a set of Green Sprouts stacking cups. Please contact annie@mommyshorts.com to claim your prizes. You can enter the Chubby Cheek-Off up through October 26th!