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Have your kids picked out their Halloween costumes yet? Have they already changed their minds about eleventy billion times?

If your kids are like mine, the topic of costumes comes up in July. From that first conversation to the actual act of trick-or-treating, there is so much discussion, negotiating, and pleading that by October 31st, I’m ready to dress them each in a paper bag and call it a day.

Deva from My Life Suckers made a video about this exact struggle. I was relieved to find out that someone else shelled out way too much money for a costume online. I guess that’s what happens when your kid wants to be Disgust, the most popular costume this year and it’s sold out everywhere except for the one shop on Amazon that’s price gauging parents who waited too late to purchase a costume. I THOUGHT I WAS EARLY THIS YEAR!

And poor Harlow. She wants to be Joy but the costume isn’t available anywhere in her size. Anyone know a good way to make Harlow’s hair blue? Otherwise, she will just be wearing her yellow cotton dress, like she does all the time.

Life was so much easier when I picked my kids’ costumes.

Seriously. How accurate is this video?

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