Remember Baby Mugging? Baby Mugging started on Mommy Shorts, made it's way to Jimmy Kimmel's opening monologue and last I heard, appeared as a question on Jeopardy.

Now, I'd like to start something new. I'm calling it Baby Suiting (#babysuiting).

Other options were #biznizbabies, #allbusinessbabies, #reallysmallbusinessowners, #tinybankers, #minitycoons, #babywolvesofwallstreet, #robford and my personal favorite #beetlejuicing. My followers on Instagram (@mommyshorts) have been helping me come up with a hashtag all week.

I'm going with #BabySuiting because I'm afraid not everyone would get the Beetlejuice reference. Plus, it's a verb and I like the #babymugging/#babysuiting synergy.

Yes, I just used the word "synergy". About baby suiting.

This is my life now.

Unfortunately, I came up with #BabySuiting after Harlow was already on the move. I thought briefly about trying to conceive another child to use as my go-to photo prop, but decided it would be more efficient to use my newborn nephew Jack.

This is Jack at three months wearing his dad's suit:


But I wasn't finished. Next, I went around to friends' houses who had recently popped out a baby and took photos of them too. 

Say hello to Baby Inc.— a powerhouse of mini executives run by Brody, Bea and Lowell.





(Lowell was submitted by my friend Jill from Baby Rabies. Thanks, Jill!)

FYI- I tried to do a woman's suit and Bea wasn't feeling it. I promise, she was fine a second later.

Photo 3 copy 3

In order to make #BabySuiting happen, I need your participation.

Want to know how to suit your baby?


1) Grab a button down shirt, suit jacket and tie. Put the shirt inside the jacket, the tie around the collar and lie it on the floor.

2) Grab your baby (I recommend an immobile one) and lie him/her in the suit. 

3) Whisper sweet nothings as you fasten the buttons, tie the tie, and carefully arrange the jacket. (It's like a swaddle!)

4) Stand up, take a photo (torso up) and post it on the Mommy Shorts facebook page or tag @mommyshorts and #BabySuiting on Instagram.

I'll post the best of them here and on the @mommyshorts instagram feed.

See you on Kimmel!


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