Mazzy Grows Up - 5

I’ve posted about time lapse videos before. There was the parents who took 365 one second videos from each day of their baby’s first year and then strung them all together to make one awesome video that followed their child from nursing to walking. There was the dad who took a moving snapshot of his daughter every day for her first fourteen years to show an amazing transformation from baby to teenager in under four minutes. There was the mom who filmed herself in the same exact pose throughout her pregnancy, effectively planning her birth announcement nine whole months in advance.

I love time lapse videos. Every time I see one I think— WHY DIDN’T I DO THAT????????

If I could make emoticons on WordPress to accompany that ALL CAPS sentiment, they would be ten crying faces in a row simultaneously bursting into tears.

Well, there is actually a very good reason I didn’t do that, #1 being— I didn’t think of doing it at the time. Viral time lapse parenting videos weren’t yet introduced to the world when Mazzy was born, so I would have actually needed to come up with the original thought. BOOOOOOOOO.

The second reason is that my iPhone and computer cannot handle the storage space. I have enough photos and videos as it is. Plus, organizing all that video sounds like a task and a half. Like doing Donald Trump’s taxes or alphabetizing Martha Stewart’s pantry kind of task.


Not to mention, remembering to film every day. What about that day your kids were sick? Or if you had an important meeting? Or the day you locked yourself in the bathroom crying because you just couldn’t handle the neediness of a small child and a husband at once??? WHO IS GOING TO TAKE YOUR DAILY VIDEO THEN???

But let’s say, you had the original thought, you had the storage space and you did manage to take all the video. Who is going to compile it for you? You’d need to load all that video into iMovie and edit your face off. We’re talking deserting your children, taking off work, not showering and eating nothing but cereal for at least a full week. That’s if you didn’t take bathroom breaks.

So, I am pleased to announce a new video app in development from Blinkbuggy, with one purpose in mind— to help you make an awesome time lapse video that you would never, not in a million years, be able to accomplish on your own. (Speaking for myself only, of course.)

blinkbuggy_SponsoredPost_girl (1)

The Blinkbuggy video app will prompt you once a week to take a video from your iPhone and upload it. They’ll grab the video, save the original for you, but also pull out the first 3 seconds into it’s own snippet. Then Blinkbuggy will automatically string together each 3-second snippet week over week creating a complete time-lapsed video of your baby’s life. You can do it for a month, a year or a whole lifetime. BUT BY GOD WOULD THAT LIFETIME VIDEO BE DEPRESSING. And you wouldn’t be around to see it, so I suggest shortening your goals for viewing sake.

If your baby is already five like mine, you can do it starting now (he/she’s still got a few good years left!) or maybe do it to commemorate your child’s first year of kindergarten or for a fun way to look back on your summer. Be creative!


No. That would be too easy.

The Blinkbuggy Time-Lapse app launches to the general public in Summer 2015, but those who sign-up for the waitlist will receive early access beginning in May. WOOHOO!

Waitlist members will be the first to gain access and receive a limited set of invitations to send to their friends before the general public release.


Not immediately. And you don’t want to be the mom with a baby just growing up on her own with no way to see it played back over time, while your friend sits there smugly uploading her three second snippets and creating a video like this. Being a new mom is emotional enough— I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE WATCHING A FRIEND PERFECTLY ENCAPSULATE HER BABY’S FIRST YEAR WHILE I WAS DENIED ACCESS.

All drama aside, the owner of Blinkbuggy is a longtime supporter of Mommy Shorts and a personal friend, which is why she wants to get my readers on the bandwagon first. She knows you all will offer invaluable feedback when the app is made available, just like you did with the Blinkbuggy online baby book.

So, if you’d like to be put on the waiting list (AND OF COURSE, YOU DO)— you can enter your email address here!


This post was sponsored by Blinkbuggy, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.