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This video parodies your typical pharma ad— you know, the ones that promise a better more fulfilling life if you just take their pills twice a day. Only this particular drug of choice is not Viagra or Lexapro, it's a very powerful new drug called "Not Having Kids".

"Not Having Kids" sounds fantastic. It will let you sleep late, be spontaneous and easily maintain a clean house.

Only problem? Tons of nasty side effects, like holiday loneliness and nobody to pay for your nursing home later in life. 

All in all, the whole thing is pretty accurate. Unfortunately, you can't start taking "Not Having Kids" once you've allready "Had Kids", so that's that. Maybe they'll come up with a drug called "5 Minutes in the Bathroom By Myself"?

Since I can safely assume the majority of my readers are people with children, I'm going to offer this piece of advice. If you ever start questioning your decision to have kids, come back and listen to the very powerful side effects of "Not Having Kids".

I don't think I could live in fear of "deathbed regret"…