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On this week’s episode of The Mommy Show, Soleil Moon Frye (aka Punky Brewster) comes over to help me plan a birthday party.

It’s a fictitious birthday party because Soleil Moon Frye just came out with a party planning book, but Mazzy likes to think every day is her birthday, so I think this just confirmed it for her.

Here’s a fun fact! At every birthday party we’ve ever been to, Mazzy has somehow weaseled her way into the seat next to the birthday boy or girl. It doesn’t matter how well she knows the kid. She is right there, practically sitting in their lap.

I’d love to get a series of photos of her, at each party, photobombing the family shot when the birthday boy/girl blows out the candles with his/her parents.

These photos exist. Just not on my camera.


Anyway, Soleil’s book is called “Let’s Get This Party Started” and it’s all about DIY party themes (crafts, decorations, recipes, games) that you and your kids can create together.

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The decor ideas are simple and kid-friendly which makes it fun instead of a lot of work. Witness us making paper animal masks for a safari themed party in the Arts & Crafts segment.

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Mazzy actually does a far more inspired job than me or Soleil.

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Also in this episode, Soleil takes selfies with Mazzy using her Moon Frye photo app, gets Harlow’s signature evil glare at 3:20 and eats all Mazzy’s candy while stuffing the goodie bags.

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Honestly, I wish I could go back and tell my ten-year-old self that one day, Punky Brewster would be in my living room. I would have been floored.

If I can get Lisa Weschel and Kim Fields (Blair and Tootie from Facts of Life) to be on a future epsiode of The Mommy Show, my 2nd grade world would truly be rocked.

Before you check out the episode on ulive, please prepare yourself for the generic ’80s stock music.

Okay. Now you can go.