After posting Mazzy and Harlow’s school pics (which were really good this year!), I asked everyone on my Facebook page to submit their kids’ class photos as well. Not everybody mustered a smile, but all were equally adorable. To celebrate the end of the school year, I decided to take a few of my favorite submissions and give them yearbook superlatives.

We might not have a “Best Dressed” or a “Most Likely to Succeed,” but I think you’ll find that these kids are definitely going places. Even if that place is just to kindergarten next year.

The Mommy Shorts School Yearbook Superlatives

Most likely to sleep next to his diploma:

Most likely to steal the class teddy bear:

Least ready for summer camp:

Most likely to charm her way out of summer reading assignments:

 Most likely to wonder why school is even necessary:

Most likely to leave a trail of broken hearts in his wake:

Most likely to have been bribed with ice cream before this photo:

Least likely to smile on command:

Most likely to throw that snowball at the photographer if he doesn’t snap the picture ASAP:

Most likely to skip kindergarten and go straight to job interviews:

Most likely to move to Nashville to pursue a country music career:

Most likely to be hiding the class hamster in his hands:

Most likely to start a bowtie line that gets picked up by Macy’s:

Most likely to ride up to kindergarten on a motorcycle next year:

Most likely to spend all her allowance at Dry Bar:

Most likely to be trying to conceal a jawbreaker:

Most likely to join a hip-hop dance troop:

Most likely to be plotting her future run for president:

Most likely to come back to school with 5x the freckles:

Most likely to follow in the path of Elle Woods:

Most likely to have just eaten a popsicle and be mid-brain freeze:

Most likely to catch a bus to California to live the Surf Life all summer:

Most likely to win a staring contest:

Most likely to shake hands and kiss babies on the campaign trail:


Most likely to start an exclusive sorority:

Most likely to cross his eyes and stay that way:

Most likely to be best friends with the tooth fairy:

 Most likely to try out for the lead in Peter Pan:

Least likely to sit still:

Most likely to celebrate graduation with a tropical vacation:

Most likely to give your outfit a once over:

Most likely to already be in line to see the new Spiderman movie:

Most likely to suck up to the teacher:

Most likely to make partner before 30:

Most likely to ask to use the bathroom:

I hope all future hopefuls are relaxing this summer. But don’t get too comfortable. School starts back up in September!