“Enjoy it, they grow up so fast” is probably the most commonly uttered sentence to moms with young children.

Every time I hear it, I vow to never say it to anyone, no matter how true it might become.

It makes me sad. 

As tough as having a newborn was, as hard as raising a toddler is, I’ve wanted to freeze Mazzy at every stage and have her stay that age forever. (Surely, she would get better at being two if she was two for years?)

Each month of Mazzy’s first year felt like an eternity. From one to two went almost equally as slow— in a good way. But this year feels like it’s slipping by. Mazzy is almost 2 1/2 and it seems like her second birthday was just yesterday.

Before Mazzy, when I thought about having a baby, I thought of just that— having a baby. I never imagined myself with a full-fledged kid. 

But here she is, in a ponytail, conducting conversations and seriously challenging my arm muscles when she asks to be picked up.

Mazzy IS growing up fast.

Although thankfully, not nearly as fast as Lotte.

In the video below, Lotte goes from birth to twelve in just two minutes and 45 seconds. I bet the parent who made this would say— that is EXACTLY how it feels.

What is the saying?

Better enjoy the ride while it lasts.