The birth announcement of Amelie Amaya has gone viral— almost 8 million hits and counting.

It's a pregnancy time lapse video which is apparently nothing new (I found hundreds on Youtube) but this one lets the dad-to-be have a role and weaves a story that is particularly sweet. Check out the awesomeness below:


I posted it on facebook yesterday and 8 Bit Dad pointed me to this pregnancy time lapse video from a couple of years ago which ups the adorableness factor by being incredibly clever.


Then Amanda from New Mom on the Blog pointed out that if she had made one of those videos while she was pregnant, at least half of it would have been shot with her head in the toilet.

My pregnancy with Mazzy was nine months of constant nausea so I imagine my video wouldn't have been quite as sweet either.

Maybe it could have been nine months of puking various substances and then upchucking a baby for the grand finale?

Or constant crying until a child emerged from a pool of my own tears?

Or maybe it would be cool to see my body go through various stages of hunching due to severe back pain!

Also, I'm not sure I'm fond of glossing over the whole labor portion of the event.

Aren't mothers supposed to use their child's labor as a source of guilt for the rest of their lives? I don't want my daughter saying— 'what labor? All you did was suck in the air from a balloon! It took under two minutes!'

As for the dad's role in the birth announcement, I'd like to make it a little more true to life. 

Neither making the baby magically appear in his hands or being entirely absent from the process seems quite right.

What about the part when he comes home two hours after you tell him that it's time??

Or the part where he leaves you having contractions in the lobby of your building at 2am so he can go across the street to get a fresh cup of coffee???

I'd like those moments kept for posterity too.

How else will I continue to hold them over his head?


What unadorable moment would be part of your pregnancy time lapse?