I bet when @lizapotsek posted the photo above of her husband wearing sweats with a cowlick in the back of his hair to the #DysonDads hashtag, she was not expecting he would be deemed the sexiest dad out of 2,376 dads on Instagram.

But he is! There was a vote and everything! I think his win has something to do with the two kids strapped to his front and back while he's cooking breakfast.

@lizpotasek, you should tell your husband to forget fancy nights out and expensive gifts, the way to a woman's heart is doing housework and childcare at once.

Mowing the lawn while teaching the alphabet.

Dusting under the bed while the kids pretend you're a pony.

Cleaning the toilet while potty training.

Brushing your daughter's hair while scrubbing the bathtub.

This is what it takes to change your sex lives back to pre-child shenanigans.

FYI- "pre-child shenanigans" might be the most unsexy phrase ever written. MY BAD. 

Congratulations to @lizpotsek and her husband! Their lives just got that much steamier with a new cordless Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead ($549). Now you can indulge in a little "choreplay" (as a reader recently named it).


The Dyson DC59, in addition to resurrecting your sex life, will powerfully clean all floor types in your home. It is convenient, cordless, versatile and *ahem* engineered to fit in awkward spaces. It not only tackles ground-in spills and stains, it is amazing at capturing fine dust other vacuums would leave behind. Don't just take my word for it, look at the picture of what the Dyson picked up just one day after having my house professionally cleaned with an inferior vacuum. 


To the nine other finalists, do not worry, you will not go home empty-handed. Your marriages will be forever improved by the addition of a Dyson DC34 handheld ($199), which is just as versatile, just not quite as ummmm… LONG.

How do I know you and your husbands will love your Dysons? I have visual proof from my five biggest fans who took home their Dyson DC59 Motorheads just last week.

Check out the husband's of my most frequent commenters— Kelly H, Meg Y, Suburban Snapshots, Nicole Leigh Shaw and Natasha (Bert & Duke's Mom)— cleaning house and making their wives proud:






Hey guys. I said housecleaning AND CHILDCARE. Please step up your game.





That's more like it, don't you think?


Alright, calm down Natasha's husband. We get it. You like your new vacuum.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest (especially the husbands of the five biggest fans), plus a huge thanks to Dyson for letting me talk dirty about their vacuums (words I never ever thought I would say). I couldn't have asked for a cooler sponsor. 

A sponsor so cool, they might even consider sending me an additional Dyson DC59 Motorhead for use in our summer house! (*nudge* nudge*)

Anyway. I gotta go. I think my husband is vacuuming the curtains again and I'd like a front row seat.

PS: @lizapotsek— I expect pics of your husband vacuuming next week!


This post was sponsored by Dyson, but I really do love that vacuum. My five biggest fans have all reported back with a huge thumbs up as well.