New Year’s Eve at the Wiles abode was a very humble affair. It consisted of one other family sleeping over at our summer house for a long weekend. There were a few party hats, some noise blowers, more bottles of champagne than four adults can usually consume in one evening, along with a surf and turf dinner (prepared by Mike) and Cards Against Humanity leading up until midnight.




My friend Emily, who is my fancy fashion designer friend, brought a bunch of sequined dresses for us to try on and take what she called a “couch jumping” shot.

“Are 40-year-old women allowed to jump on the couch in sequined dresses?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” she said.

Twenty-five pictures later, we had one photo neither one of us was embarrassed to post on our various social media accounts.


There’s also a slo-mo iPhone video taken by her husband that I would rather die than watch again.

2015 is a weird time.

During the couch jumping, Mazzy and her friend Charlie were in the other room watching Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 (“Chipwrecked” if you must know the full movie details). When I walked in, in my fully sequined attire, Mazzy’s eyes lit up like she was seeing me for the first time.

“Mommy, you look BEAUUUUU-TI-FUL.”

And that my friends, might be what makes me wear sequins at least once a week all year. Nothing like an ego boost from your five-year-old.

We had three separate New Year’s countdowns (two fake, one real) before we all went to bed. One for the little ones at 7:30pm…




One for the older kids at 10pm…




And one for the grown-ups at midnight. I’ve got no pictures because a) it was dark b) who cares about pics of the grown-ups and c) selfies tend to ruin a new year’s smooch with your hubby.

It was a low key New Year’s Eve, but also a wonderful one. It’s one of the first years I didn’t question what everyone else was doing or wonder if I was somehow missing out. I discovered you can spend it in your own home with your kids and it can still be pretty fabulous.

Imagine that.

Not to mention, everyone can drink a lot more champagne when nobody has to drive anywhere and you’ve all agreed the kids can watch all the TV they want the next morning.

I also discovered the very best house guests come equipped with both alcohol for the evening and a restaurant-grade waffle iron for the morning after.




Every new year should start with a stack of waffles.

Glad to see you all back here in the new year!