Everybody has a favorite Mommy Show for one reason or another.

My favorite is the Jim Gaffigan episode because he’s hilarious. My mom’s favorite is Romilly Newman because she loses it every time Mazzy falls asleep during the interview. My sister’s favorite is Taye Diggs because, hello— TAYE DIGGS. My brother-in-law’s favorite is Steve Schirripa because he can’t get over the guy from The Sopranos sitting on my couch.

My husband’s favorite is this week’s episode with Idina Menzel.

Now, you might think this episode is Mike’s favorite because he makes a cameo appearance at the beginning, but that’s not the case. It’s because Harlow having a staring contest with Idina in the “green room” is one of the best examples we have of our daughter’s famous glare.


Idina was there to talk about A Broader Way (an art-centered program that offers girls from urban communities an outlet for self-expression, started by Idina and her husband Taye Diggs) and her starring role in the new animated Disney movie Frozen, set to open on November 27th.

Also in this episode, Idina gets up close and personal with Mazzy’s blankie, matches Harlow’s baby socks and attempts to wrap an oddly shaped shaped gift for a birthday party.


One of the things I love about this episode is Idina arrived totally as herself, not dressed-up and ready for the camera— as if she was coming over for a regular playdate. Her son Walker is exactly Mazzy’s age so it was fun to discuss blankies and potty training with someone in the same phase of parenting, while secretly wishing she would follow-up with a real mom date.


The only other thing I want to talk about before I send you on your way to watch the episode is MY HAIR. It is about five inches too long and apparently, Kim Kardashian length hair makes me look like I’ve gained twenty pounds. I cut it immediately after I saw the footage. Also, the dress I am wearing looks lovely on it’s own but it’s sleeveless and I thought my arms might look large on camera so I wore it with a long black cover-up.

LESSON OF THE DAY: Cover-ups make you look like you are covering up something way worse than you are actually covering up.

Sorry, for the vanity check. It’s hard to look at yourself on camera sometimes!


Are you back? Okay. Now check out my friend Julie’s new show called Advice Under the Influence. She gives bad parenting advice while drinking beer.

Plus, she may have crawled on top of her mini-van like a cat.