One of my very first posts on Mommy Shorts was about the amazing Adele Enerson who started a photo series called Mila's Daydreams. She waited for her newborn to fall asleep and then instead of using that time to shower, eat or stalk old classmates on Facebook like the rest of us, she created dreamscapes surrounding her sleeping child using nearby sheets, clothes and assorted household items.

For the record, even if I was that talented (which I am not), neither of my babies ever napped soundly enough for me to create art around them as they slept. Never mind that my children don't just fall asleep in broad daylight on the floor. To get my babies to nap, I have to leave them crying in a cage in the dark.

"Crying in the dark" elicits significantly less "whimsy", don't you think?

Since Mila's Daydreams went viral a few years ago, decorating your napping baby has taken off in Japan. They call it "nezo art" which literally means "sleeping posture art". Or as I like to call it, "my baby naps much better than yours".

The baby who naps the best? That's a child who belongs to Eriko Ohga, otherwise known as @erichedelic on Instagram. Here are just a few of her amazing works of art:

It would make me feel much better to know Eriko is sedating her baby with Benadryl during the day. But I suspect she's just super talented, really lucky and works FAST.

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