As I mentioned on Friday, it was really hard (and kind of weird) to look through 2400 photos of your husbands, boyfriends and babydaddies to select my ten favorites for the Dyson Dads “What’s Sexy Now” finals.

Any dad washing a dish or giving a kid a bath looks super attractive me. You should keep me away from your men.

But what must be done, must be done, so I made some hard choices. 

Below are the ten #DysonDads finalists. Remember this is not about picking the best looking guy. It’s about what task/scenario would make you drag your own husband back to the bedroom.

Would that be…

Building a shed?

Frosting cookies?

Not only buying stuff for a home improvement project but taking your son along for the trip?

Brishing your daughter’s hair?

Teaching your toddler how to ride a scooter?

Dropping your son off at school dressed as Batman?

Giving your three girls a bike ride?

Making breakfast while holding both of your kids?

Giving your daughter a pedicure?

Baking shirtless in a frilly apron?

Instead of a regular vote, I switched things up and created a sexy scale. Everyone should order each photo from bottom (somewhat sexy) to top (Ryan Gosling and George Clooney asking you for a three-way).


All finalists will receive a Dyson DC34 handheld ($199) and the dad rankest the highest will win a Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead ($549), which is possibly the best vacuum ever. Or, at the very least, the best vacuum I have ever owned.


The winner of the #DysonDads photo contest will be announced on July 8th. (Voting will close at 6pm EST on July 7th.) I’ll expect the pic of the winner’s husband vacuuming with his new Dyson DC59 shortly thereafter!

Here’s Mike vacuuming the top of the curtains with a look that says “See how easy it is to reach tough places with a super light cordless?” and “Are you done taking pictures of me now?”  


You don’t even want to know the amount of dust that came off those things.

To further prove how much Mike likes his new vaccum, he asked me to ask Dyson if they would give us another Digital Slim for the summer house, despite the fact that we have a built-in central vac there.

This is my not-so-subtle way of asking. (Can you hear me, Dyson? It’s me, Ilana.)

FYI- My plan is to pretend this contest is continuing through 2015 and take weekly photos of Mike vacuuming. For the sponsorship. Obviously.

Thank you all for participating and submitting your photos! 

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