It might have been my third Evil Baby Glare-Off, but this is the first year I have a baby that could actually have been a contender. Mazzy didn't have it in her. Harlow, on the other hand, has her evil glare DOWN.

While this post will ultimately be a list of the various winners of the daily giveaways during the Glare-Off, I thought I'd spice it up with a few of Harlow's more recent glares.

Like this photo with a friend below, taken just yesterday…


I know our winner Sydney clearly deserves the title, but I can't help think… in another life, Harlow's got the Glare-Off crown firmly planted on her evil little head.


If you prefer your evil glares less in-your-face, I present Exhibit #5. The photo below shows something Harlow does every time I put her on the swing— she stares intently at the parent innocently pushing his or her child next to us.


I must have fifty pictures of Harlow doing this same thing in various outfits to different people. And not one mom or dad has ever made it through their trip to the playground without commenting.

"Oh my, she has a very serious look!"

"If by 'serious' you mean, she looks like she might kill you in your sleep, than yes, that's my baby, thank you very much."


Now on to the daily giveaway winners….

Nobody guessed the final four correctly (Smith seems to have snuck in there unexpectedly), so for the giveaway in ROUND ONE, I just chose randomly from the people who got three out of four. 

Congratulations, Amy (who guessed Sydney, Benjamin, Caroline and Emma)! You win an $100 gift card to Fawn Shoppe


In ROUND TWO, I chose my favorite "evil baby question" as the winner. That question was "Which baby caused more screaming in the delivery room AFTER their birth than during it?" from Michelle. 

Congratulations, Michelle! You win the complete Christine haircare line from Van Thomas Concepts.


In the Quarter Finals, Lenae (picked at random) won by suggesting Sydney go as Rosemary's Baby for Halloween. Obviously.

Congratulations, Lenae! You win a selection of products from MD Moms Baby Silk.


In the Final Four, I chose the winner randomly which resulted in a win for Amy and her hatred of Necco candies. I think everyone agrees. 

Congratulations, Amy! You win a $70 gift card to Candy Kirby Designs.


In the finals, Rachel (the Rachel with a hotmail account) wins for being TEAM SYDNEY from the start of the contest. 

Congratulations, Rachel! You win a Fairy Birds Gift Set.


Please email to claim your prizes!

Just don't email Harlow. Trust me, you don't want her to have access to your email address.


UPDATE: I left off the caption contest winner of the Mommy Shorts Mug. Currently sorting through all responses…