It's Day Two of the Evil Baby Glare-Off and we are now down to just 16 babies. Sixteen babies who would eat their siblings if they got hungry in the middle of the night.


Most of the babies won by a considerable margin yesterday, but there were a few close calls. One of my favorites was edged out of the competition. Her name is Piper.

Piper's mom (@dangerlynn on Instagram) submitted about thirty pictures to the Glare-Off and it was hard to pick just one. Now that she's out of the running, I think everyone must see the full range of evil in Piper's arsenal.

I think she might be the only baby with a glare as consistently intense as Harlow's.


But Piper was ousted by Smith, who I've since found out, goes by the name "Grumpy Baby" online. Can he make it to the end? Well, he's got to beat out Quinn (aka "The Firestarter") first…

Today's giveaway is from Van Thomas Concepts and you can enter by helping me come up with more "Evil Baby Questions" in the comment section below.

Have you been paying attention to the questions? They are my favorite part…









Polls will close at 10pm EST tonight. Winners will advance to the quarter finals tomorrow.

May the evilest baby win!


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I've been using Christine ever since they sent me a set this summer, and I can attest to it's revitalizing power. I mean, I agreed to do this giveaway on the condition that they had to send me more. 

If your evil baby is going to get in your hair, shouldn't it at least look fantastic?


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All giveaway winners will be announced on Monday November 4th, along with the winner of the glare-off.