Congratulations to Sydney, the evilest baby to enter the Evil Baby Glare-Off! Which let's be frank, is REALLY saying something.

Last night, I emailed Sydney's mom (aka Meg) to see if she could provide me with a full unobstructed picture of Sydney's terrifying face. Meg complied. The picture of Sydney is several months older than the picture used in the glare-off, but I think you will find her ability to scare the neighborhood pets still fully in tact.




Meg also had this to say about her daughter's reign in the Evil Baby Glare-Off (which *be prepared* made me more than a little teary):

"I could go on for pages with Sydney's back story but I'll just give you the short version. Sydney was born with a very serious heart defect and had a heart transplant last year. She's doing incredibly well, mostly because she's a fighter and can get through anything the world throws at her. That evil glare photo was taken during one of her many in-patient stays– she used it often to scare off doctors and nurses! This contest has been so much fun. The comments have kept us crying with laughter since it started. Any time I can show off my feisty lil super hero is a great day for me!" 

Yep. Sydney is using her evil powers to put a lump in our throats and make us all grab a tissue.

Well played, Evil Sydney, well played.


Sydney wins a $250 Amazon gift card from Chupa Chups, a tin of 100 Chupa Chups lollipops, a Chuck Doll (the Chupa Chups mascot who might or might not look like a penis), a Framed Evil Baby Glare-Off completed tournament bracket, an Evil Baby Glare-Off onesie and most importantly, a Mommy Shorts mug.



Some of the best contenders in the Glare-Off will not go home empty handed either. 

Benjamin, it should be noted, lost by a very small margin and reminded more than one person from the Clown from IT. I have never seen IT, but if that clown is really as scary as Benjamin, I don't think I want to. 

The Sydney VS. Benjamin showdown prompted one reader to create the following graphic:


Sydney would be Charles Manson, obviously. Thank you, Casey Hollingsworth, for my first piece of fan art.

Benjamin takes home an Evil Baby Glare-Off onesie, a Mommy Shorts mug, a tin of 100 Chupa Chups lollipops and a Chuck Doll.

The third and fourth place winners, Caroline and Smith, scared enough people to go home with prizes as well. They will get a Mommy Shorts mug and a Chuck Doll from Chupa Chups.

By the way, have you been curious what Chupa Chups was up to when they started emailing people for use of my glare-off photos? 

They came out with this video on Halloween:


So there you have it. Lollipops are the only way to stop the terror. Or, as my limited knowledge of parenting tells me, make kids continue to flip out because they know they get more lollipops.

Well played, Chupa Chups, well played. 

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Evil Baby Glare-Off! I will post the winners of the daily giveaways in a follow-up post.


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