We are down to eight evil babies in the Evil Baby Glare-off and let me tell you— they are some terrifying looking kids.

I mean, I'm sure they are all lovely in real life but BWAHAHAHA— have you ever known a baby that was lovely? Even the cute ones will suck your soul, devour your boobs and kill your social life.

Here's where the tournament currently stands:


Thank you to everyone who contributed "evil baby questions" yesterday. They were FANTASTIC. And by FANTASTIC, I mean— you sick fuckers, that shit was messed up. We are talking about children here!!!! Nah, just kidding. I'll be using some of my favorites today.

Today's giveaway is from MD MOMS, because you're gonna need a doctor when your evil baby bites your head off. See details at the end of the post.

Ready to get started? It's getting tougher…





Polls close at 10pm EST tonight.

May the evilest baby win!


Today's giveaway is a prize package from MD Moms and their amazing line of Baby Silk products


MD MOMS is made up of pediatricians who are also mothers. All Baby Silk products are are clinically tested, scientifically advanced, hypoallergenic, naturally based, gentle and effective. 

The prize includes a pack of Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes SPF 30 and the Baby Basics Starter Set(Gentle All-Over Clean Hair & Body Wash, Daily Skin Protection Moisturizing Balm, Soothing Bottom Relief Diaper Rash Cream and a travel pack of Gentle All-Over Clean Cleansing Towelettes).

I'm a huge fan of their suncreen towelettes. After all, the only thing scarier than an evil baby, is an evil baby with a sunburn.  


You must be a Mommy Shorts Facebook Fan to enter. Then, answer this question in the comment section below: Who do you predict will win the glare-off and what should he/she go as for Halloween? Winners chosen at random from the entries that guessed correctly.

All giveaway winners will be announced on Monday November 4th, along with the winner of the glare-off.