Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate than with four evil babies glaring at you???

Forget costumes. Caroline, Benjamin, Sydney and Smith are scarier au naturale than Michael Meyers with a mask. In fact, I'd sooner sleep in a graveyard than spend a night in a nursery next to one of these kids.

If you are joining the Glare-Off for the first time, I'd suggest you start with ROUND #1. For everybody else, we are down to semi-finals.


Yesterday was a close race for all parties involved, particularly Sydney and Emma. Ultimately, Sydney prevailed with 53% of the vote, mainly because people fear what they cannot see.

Wouldn't it be funny if Sydney was sporting a clown nose and some serious duck lips underneath that blanket?

Nah. I bet she's hiding her voodoo dolls and pin cushion under there.

Today, in honor of Sydney's swaddle, I'll be giving away baby blankets from Candy Kirby Designs. Right after we vote for which evil babies should make it into tomorrow's finals.




Polls close at 10pm EST.

May the evilest baby win!

Before I get to the giveaway, I just want to give a shout-out to this week's episode of "The Mommy Show". Jim Gaffigan comes over, tries to put together a Pack and Play, glues a peacock to my dining room table, and names our imaginary baby Oscar. It might be my favorite episode yet.

Moving on…


Today's giveaway is a $75 gift card to Candy Kirby Designs, maker of awesome patterned leggings, beanies, pillows, crib sheets and baby blankets.


Candy Kirby (@candykirbydesigns on instagram) is solely responsible for making me feel like I could be decking out Harlow's crib in something a whole lot cooler. Like her signature Charcoal Plus blanket.

You know, the kind of blanket your baby could stash a kitchen knife and you would never know until it was used against you in the middle of the night.

Ask Sydney. She knows what I'm talking about.


1) You must be a Mommy Shorts Facebook Fan to enter. Then, answer this question in the comment section below: What Halloween candy makes you want to smash a pumpkin? 

All giveaway winners will be announced on Monday November 4th, along with the winner of the glare-off.