About a month ago, family photographer Jenny Sherouse came to our home for Harlow's six month photo shoot. Jenny has graciously volunteered to photograph Harlow every three months to track her whole first year.

Here's the photo shoot from when Harlow was first born (or as Mazzy says, "when Harlow was bore-EN") and here's Harlow at three months

What's that you say? By your calculations, Harlow is nine months now? Yes, that's true. Our timing got a little out of whack. That's what happens when two women have kids and jobs and what not. Coordinating schedules is HARD.



This is Harlow's six month photo session actually taken at seven months and finally getting posted at nine months.

Still with me?

Harlow didn't seem to care about the timing snafu. She was too busy posing and preening for the camera. 



But just so Jenny didn't get too comfortable, Harlow would whip out one of her evil glares, so Jenny knew exactly who she was dealing with.  


At the shoot, Harlow was already an expert at crawling, standing, and cruising. It would have been impossible to get her to stay still long enough to snap a photo, except she also seems to thrive on EXTREME EYE CONTACT.


She just stole your soul, in case you want to ask for it back.

Harlow spent the day alternating betweem a Little Hip Squeaks headband and her signature combover. 


I'm not sure at what point Harlow's Epic Baby Hair turned into Harlow's Hair Club for Men, but here we are.


My favorite picture is of Harlow sitting on Mazzy's bed. Those cheeks are as delicious as they look. 


Of course, Harlow might look this cute because it's before we tried to break her of her bad sleep habits. 

Speaking of which, should I give you a brief rundown of what went on for Sleep Training Day Three? (Click here to start sleep training from the beginning.)

I'll just continue to post cute pictures of Harlow (in happier times) throughout.


Day Three was a little rocky. Harlow didn't nap well all day (she cried straight through her first two naps and ended up passing out in the stroller at 2pm) so she was EXHAUSTED by the time I got home from work.


Erin (our sleep consultant) said we should put everyone to bed as close to 6pm as possible but Mazzy wasn't finished with dinner yet. I didn't want to risk Harlow getting overtired (she was already getting fussy) so I put her down first while Mazzy finished dinner.


This might have been the wrong call on my part.

After dinner, we went through Mazzy's routine in the living room before putting her in bed at 6:30. Then she came out of the room three minutes later because she pooped in her nighttime diaper so I had to go back in and change her. This meant both Mazzy and I disturbed Harlow multiple times throughout the first hour so the crying stopped and started a bunch before finally stopping altogether at 6:50.

Typically, each night of sleep training gets easier but I guess with a second kid in the room, all bets are off.


Mazzy continued talking in bed until about 7:15.


Then all was quiet. 


Harlow slept until 3am when she started crying. I went in, gave her a pacifier, rubbed her blankie on her cheek and walked out. Every time Harlow wakes up, she stands up in the crib, hanging on the edge at the spot closest to the door. When I walk out after the check-in, she is still standing in this position. I need to get a picture so you see how sad this looks.

Thankfully, Mazzy slept right through Harlow's crying, as she has done every night so far.

Harlow stopped crying right after I walked out and slept until 5:50am. Erin had said to start the day if she wakes up at 5:30am or later but in my exhaustion, I forgot. I gave her the pacifier and tried to go back to bed.

Harlow didn't go back to sleep which woke up Mazzy, so we all went into the living room to start the day at about 6:05am.

Day Three was officially over.


I think Harlow still loves me, right?


Thank you to Jenny Sherouse for continuing to document my family. Unfortunately for me (but maybe good for some of you!), Jenny is moving to Greensboro, North Carolina this fall. If you live in the area, I highly recommned her!