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Mike and I rented a summer house this August and although we have been traveling back and forth into the city for work and just using the house on the weekends, the plan was always to take off and spend the entire last week of August at the house.

Originally, we planned to leave Friday night and come back Sunday the 1st of September. The reason I chose to sleep train this week was because we had an entire week at home before going away.

By the time we get back, Mazzy will be too close to starting her new preschool and I wanted the worst of it to be over.

Earlier this week, Mike decided he wanted to start our vacation on Thursday instead. Initially, I said that I would see if I could get off work too, but then when Harlow had a rocky third night of sleep training, I decided to stay home to give Harlow one last night to work it out.

We decided that Mike would take Mazzy to the summer house on Thursday and I would bring Harlow to the house on Friday.

It’s a good thing I did that because tonight Harlow finally went to sleep with minimal stress.

I got home from work at 5:30pm and saw that Harlow was exhausted. Erin said to put her in bed at 6pm but Mike and Mazzy were still packing up to leave and causing a commotion in her room. I finally got them out of there at precisely 6:31pm and put Harlow down. She cried for maybe half a minute and then went quiet.


Not so fast.

Mazzy, the little sneak, ran in when I wasn’t looking and started dancing in front of Harlow’s crib singing a song. SERIOUSLY????? Just when you think your three-year-old is maturing, she does a jig for a sleeping baby, possibly ruining three days of your hard work.

Harlow woke up and started crying, I gave Mazzy what I think is my meanest glare (although I’m sure she finds it HILARIOUS) and then shooed her out of the room. I would have constructed a brick wall and locked the door with a deadbolt if I could.

Harlow immediately stopped crying again.

I waited.


I waited some more.


Harlow was asleep!

The time? 6:37pm. That means Harlow went down in all of six minutes!!! And it would have been less than one minute if it wasn’t for her meddling little sister!

Excuse me for a moment while I sing a little song….

Wow. Never thought I would be voluntarily singing or posting that song but sadly enough, it was what actually went through my head as soon as Harlow fell sleep.

Only now, I have to take Harlow on the train to Long Island by myself, take a cab to my mom’s, get her car (she’s away on vacation) and drive alone with the baby for two hours on the Long Island Expressway.

I sincerely hope tomorrow’s escapades and the new location don’t wreck the whole damn thing. What are the chances Harlow goes down just as easily in the Pack and Play?

FYI- Erin, my sleep consultant from Pickles & Ice Cream, is giving a $15 discount to all Mommy Shorts readers. All you have to do is like her facebook page and tell her I sent you. A sleep consult (which includes a customized plan and daily communication) costs $150.

What else happened these past couple weeks besides the crazy sleep training controversy on my facebook page?

Nobody got the ice cream they wanted

Romance died

• Mazzy got crabs in the hot tub

• We bashed the day we gave birth to our children

• Working moms took their kids to the doctor AGAIN

Harlow got her picture taken

• I gave you the option to start Mommy Shorts from the beginning

And finally, I celebrated my third blogiversary!

Did I celebrate with booze and a lapdance? Did I buy myself something fancy? Did I eat my weight in chocolate? Nope. I nixed all of the above and chose to celebrate with Chobani Greek Yogurt.

Why, you ask?

Because I came home from work, my doorman handed me a huge box of unknown origin, I opened it up and found about twenty cartons of yogurt packed in ice with a note that read, “Happy Three Year Blogiversary, Love Chobani”.

So basically, I have no choice but to celebrate every waking moment with yogurt, from now until October 12th when they all expire.

Chobani flip cups

Okay, in all seriousness, Chobani Greek Yogurt has been following my blog for about a year now. They retweet my posts on twitter, they comment on my instagram photos, they send me invites to their shop in SOHO. You know that guy who was always super nice to you in high school and you couldn’t figure out if he was really cool because he TOTALLY GOT YOU or if maybe you should contact the police because he was some kind of stalker?

That’s who Chobani Greek Yogurt is to me.

But I’m gonna go with “really cool yogurt who totally gets me” and give Chobani a huge thank you. They were the only person/brand/animal/milk product to give me a blogiversary gift.

And for what it’s worth— the new flip cup flavors are FANTASTIC. Like I look forward to eating them after dinner instead of my regular cup of ice cream FANTASTIC. I could EASILY eat thirty “Key Lime Crumbles with Graham Cracker and White Chocolate” flip cups before October 12th.

Chobani key lime

But if thirty Key Lime Crumbles show up at my doorstep tomorrow, I am calling the police.

Have a good weekend!

— Mommy Shorts

PS: I wrote this post last night. Here’s an update— Harlow slept until 7:15 this morning! With no wake-ups watsoever! That’s almost 13 hours of solid sleep. Cue Dora…