42 Things Kids Do That Adults Should Do, Too

Kids are always in such a rush to grow up. Starting at about two years-old, they want to be big, make their own rules, and do awesome grown-up stuff like order a pizza whenever they feel like it.

Sure, while the pizza thing is pretty awesome, kids obviously don’t know anything about the boring, tedious parts of adulthood. Do they have any idea what it’s like to shop for good insurance rates, or to have no one to blame for their lack of clean underwear but themselves?

Kids definitely have the better end of the deal.

But don’t worry, it’s never too late to enjoy a little slice of childhood, even as an adult! Here are 41 things you can do any time you feel like being a kid again…even if it only lasts for a few minutes before you have to go back to paying bills.


1. Paint your toenails ten different colors.

2. Mix three different kinds of cereal together in one bowl at breakfast.

3. Scream “THIS IS BOOOORING!” while waiting on the line at Starbucks.

4. Walk around confidently in your swimsuit as if it doesn’t matter one bit what you look like. Because it doesn’t.

5. Eat an ice cream cone so aggressively you have to wash your face.

6. Narrate everything you do out loud.

7. Bonus points if you sing it.

8. Double bonus points for doing it in public.

9. Skip down the sidewalk. And the grocery aisle. And pretty much everywhere else.

10. Wear all your favorite clothes at once, even though there’s a 400% chance they don’t match.

11. Make ridiculous faces in the mirror while you brush your teeth.

12. Pretend you can’t hear someone talking to get out of something you don’t want to do.

13. Eat freshly baked cookies faster than the person you’re with can decorate them.

14. Sip water from a cup with your pinky up.

15. If what you really need is a good cry, go ahead and cry.

16. Double bonus points for doing it in public.

17. Keep telling a joke even when you don’t remember how it goes.

18. Put makeup on someone else just for fun. Do it poorly. Laugh at them.

19. Wear sunglasses indoors and insist you are invisible.

20. Decide that dessert should come after every meal.

21. Decide dessert should come before a meal sometimes too.

22. Have a contest with a friend to see who can swing higher.

23. Brag openly about things like winning a swinging contest.

24. Call all your doodles “art” and hang them on the fridge.

25. Ask someone else to put your shoes on for you.

26. Assume everyone is super interested in your rambling stories and just keep talking.

27. Put on every piece of jewelry you have and wear it out at once.

28. Stay in the bathtub until you’re all wrinkly.

29. Wear a tutu to work.

30. When you visit someone’s house, ignore all the people in the room and just play with their dog.

31. Carry a balloon around for no particular reason.

32. Take an extra 25 minutes to get where you’re going because you stopped to inspect every last thing along the way.

33. Look at a picture book. Call it “reading.”

34. Slide on tile floors in your socks.

35. Get your face painted to look like a cat. Or a butterfly. Or a unicorn.

36. If you get sleepy, just take a nap no matter where you are. Even at a party.

37. Challenge yourself not to step on any cracks.

38. Hold your breath to get your way (hey, it might work).

39. If you eat something you don’t like, spit it out.

40. Get a pet, then make someone else take care of it.

41. Say exactly what’s on your mind, the very second the thought pops into your head.

42. Announce you are a princess or a superhero. Believe it whole heartedly, because it is so obviously true.


This post was written by Robyn Welling. To read more from Robyn, visit Hollow Tree Ventures.

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