There have been many women with memorable hairdos throughout history— Cleopatra, Dorothy Hamill, Farrah Fawcett, Rachel Green. But although these women might be slightly more famous, I would argue that my baby girl should be up there amongst them. 

Every time I post a picture of Harlow, I get comments about her hair. Every time I bring Harlow out in public, someone comments on her hair. Whether it be a family member, a friend, the woman who bags groceries at my corner bodega or someone who only knows Harlow from Instagram, they want to chat about her hair.

For the record, we put nothing in it. We don't try to style it in a specific way or even brush it in a certain direction. The hair does what it does. There is no changing it, no neatening it, no manipulating it.

Harlow's cowlicks and hair follicles are more stubborn than Dr. House, Sue Sylvester and Carrie Mathison combined. Taming Harlow's hair would be like defying gravity.

At one point I put a picture of Harlow on my fanpage comparing her hair to old school Kate Gosselin. Then numerous people chimed in with references to everyone from Donald Trump to Flock of Seagulls. 

Today, I decided to do what I do best. Some comparison testing…

Here's the picture that sparked the conversation. I think you'll find that Harlow is doing a better Kate Gosselin than Kate Gosselin:


Then a few people began to compare Harlow's hair height and big dark eyes to an old friend from the early '90s. You might remember this little guy from the back of your pencil:


On Instagram, one person commented that Harlow's hair resembled my favorite Top Chef contestant— Richard Blais. This actually made it's way back to the all-stars winner and he paid the picture a visit. Richard's comment? "That's impressive."


Harlow's widow's peak reminded one person of Jack Nicholson. And judging by her recent hair loss, their hairlines might keep moving back together:


Several people compared Harlow's combover to America's favorite political buffoon— Donald Trump. Personally— I don't see it.


Proving my baby can keep up with the trends as well as hang with a bunch of old dudes, I present this side-by-side with Rihanna:


When Harlow's hair is on the tamer side (this only happens if I put on a hat while it's still wet), she looks a little like Alfalfa from Little Rascals. The hair tries to stay down, it just cannot complete the task:


And when Harlow is feeling extra alternative, she takes her style cues from Blink 182's Travis Barker:


But truth be told, it's really no great mystery who Harlow's hair models itself after. It's not Rhianna, Richard Blais and it's definitely not the Donald.

It's her DAD.


Do you have a baby with epic hair? I'd love to see. Post your pics on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage with your kid's first name, and maybe one of these days we'll have a HATS OFF BABY HAIRDOWN.

Any hair accessory companies wanna offer up some prizes?

Although, I have to warn you. Last time Grammy was here, she tried to put a barrette in Harlow's hair, and Harlow nearly bit her hand off.


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