This week was an odd one. Mazzy's picture appeared on a post on Techcrunch entitled "Kids Love the Apple Store So Much They Pee on the Seats" which needless to say, got Mama Bear mad. 

I know it might not seem like it to the casual reader, but I actually put a lot of thought into what is and is not appropriate to attach my daughter's name and face. That was most definitely not appropriate. And not even truthful— Mazzy would never pee on or near her precious iPad!

Thanks to everyone who emailed to tell me about the post. Thankfully, Techcrunch removed the picture and apologized pretty swiftly.

If you'd like to see innocent pictures of Mazzy where she is not associated with soiling the latest in technology, I'm making my long-awaited (not really) return to Babble this week with "What Mazzy's Been Up To".

After the Techcrunch thing was sorted, I posted a graphic about preschools on my fanpage and a few people misinterpreted my sarcasm for seriousness. Other people took pleasure in the fact that I misspelled "scholarship" in a graphic about going to the right college, which I guess is amusing, but made me feel like an idiot.

Then I posted a status update about Harlow scaring herself with her own fart and the responses under that update went wonky as well.

A post I wrote about a faux Bugaboo turned into a debate about terrorism in the comment section. Whether you agree with the commenter steering the conversation there or not, she's an avid reader of my blog and I'm cool with her getting the word out about an important issue that most of us (including myself) are unaware. 

I guess I'm just saying that in a week where I was trying to balance parenting with work while maintaining Mazzy's new sleep routine and Harlow's milk supply, I also felt like my online life went a little off the rails.

I get that as my blog grows, not everyone is going to agree or share the same sense of humor. And sometimes, I'm just not funny and people feel the need to let me know. But for so long, I felt like my blog and my fanpage were both a place where everybody was friends, and I really hope that isn't going to change. 

What else happened these past few weeks besides me unknowingly supporting terrorism?

• I turned 141 in "Mom Years"

• Mazzy won Best Actress for her role in "I Need a Band Aid!"

• Mike made chicken soup

• Harlow channeled Rihanna

• Dora the Explorer interrupted a group date on The Bachelor: Toddler Edition

• I found it impossible to work from home

• Mazzy entered Sleep Rehab (Part One and Two)

• Aston Martin made a $3000 baby stroller and we all wished it could fly

• Two schmucks bought a Schmugaboo


• I blogged while pumping in an unlocked office bathroom

My instagram contest with belle&beanzer came to an end with @weareinneverland as the lucky winner. Check out the romper belle&beanzer designed specifically for the contest (pictured below left):


Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their beautiful photos. You can still get 20% off all belle&beanzer items through May 1st if you click here and use the code MOMMYSHORTS20.

I'll be announcing my next instagram contest next week.

And now for something totally random…

If you haven't seen it, Taye Diggs is appearing in a "Got Milk?" ad with his son Walker to help spread the word about child hunger in the United States. He's partnering with Kellogg's to bring one million breakfasts to kids in need.

I thought you might like to know that Walker isn't the only kid Taye's been hanging out with recently…


Yep, that's Taye Diggs in Mazzy's store. Thankfully, she didn't try to sell him poop in a box. I can't really talk about what the hell he's doing there but fingers crossed, I get to reveal more soon!

I hope you have a great weekend filled with people who understand sarcasm, aren't overly sensitive and don't support terrorism.


— Mommy Shorts