Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered if you’d look younger if you never had any kids? Anna from My Life and Kids did. She sent me a guest post about a “true age test for moms” explaining “even though I’m only in my early thirties on paper, I’m pretty sure I’m much older than that in life”.

I liked her post so much, I added a few points of my own and turned it into a fancy graphic.

By the calculations below, I’d be 141 years-old and Anna would be 106. Apparently, one too many times prepping a snack of goldfish crackers on toast can age a person.ย You know what that means?

We’re pretty hot for CENTENARIANS.

Now, get out your calculators, take the test and tell us your age in MOM YEARS in the comment section.


You can read more from Anna at My Life and Kids.

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