Today I am guest posting over at Kludgy Mom about my experience at Mom 2.0. It's called "Blog Conferences for Newbies".

For those of you who come to this site for parenting stuff and entertainment, that probably sounds like the most boring thing ever, but if you are a blogger who is thinking about going to your first conference, it's worth a click-through. I tried to be both honest and helpful. Plus if you don't know Gigi of Kludgy Mom, she's pretty awesome (she let me use her as my blankie at the conference) and you should do yourself a favor and check out her site.

For the rest of you, I'm making it a caption contest day. Seemed like a fair thing to do. The picture below is from Ilona at Top 10 Mama.


That's Amelie taking the time to converse with Elmo through a glass partitioned bus shelter.

By now, you should all be familiar with my thoughts on Elmo. If not, you can read about how Mazzy said Elmo before she said Mom by clicking here. And if that's not enough to prove that Elmo is genuinely an asshole, you can read a guest post Elmo wrote for Mommy Shorts a few weeks back. He's exactly as much of a condescending, self-involved, name-dropping, know-it-all prick as you have always imagined.

Both those two posts should give you an excellent primer for today's caption contest.

What, pray tell, is Elmo communicating to young Amelie?

This week's contest will be judged by the current Caption Contest Queen— Kathy from iMommy. The new queen will be crowned on Thursday night in a very elaborate ceremony that exists solely in my head. I'm not going to divulge a lot of details but let's just say, it's gonna be CORPORATE SPONSORED, y'all! And we all know what that means— bring out the step and repeats!