Remember the Mommy Show? Well, now we’re evolving it the Mommy Shorts Show and it’s coming back!!!! Nothing’s been shot yet and this all still in the works but I would expect new episodes at the tail end of the summer.

In order to drum up some excitement around the upcoming new episodes, I thought it would be fun to do summer reruns of the original series!

The Mommy Show was originally shot three years ago and if you weren’t following me way back then, it was basically me running a talk show out of my home, interviewing celebrity guests while also taking care of my children.

Yep— basically testing my interview skills and my parenting skills at the very same time in front of an audience. No easy feat!

My very first guest was Taye Diggs. Mazzy was four and Harlow had just been born. Her epic baby hair is in FULL EFFECT.

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