We all know Harlow has been blessed with out of this world hair. It cowlicks to the right, it stands straight up, it has something undefined going on in the back. Is it a mohawk? a fauxhawk? a baby combover? One can't be sure. The only thing I know is that everywhere I go, people say, "Whoa. Look at that baby's crazy head of hair!"

Surely, I can't be the only mom out there who possesses a baby with mind-boggling-traffic-stopping-gravity-defying hair. There must be other babies who would love to show off their god-given locks as well.

So, today, I am starting the search for "the most epic head of baby hair". Harlow is disqualified so all other babies stand a chance.

Let me give you a glimpse of three of the contenders thus far…

There's "The Elvis":


The Chia Pet:


And the "The Nancy Grace":


Do you have a baby with a head of hair you'd like to show the world? A head of hair that makes your brush cower in the corner? That laughs at your bottle of "No More Tangles"? That wakes up from a nap in a fighting stance?

Upload a picture to the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage or tag #epicbabyhair and @mommyshorts on instagram. If you want to give your baby's hairstyle a name, even better.

Old pictures of how your baby's hair used to look still qualify.

The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Little Hip Squeaks, maker of awesome blankets, baby hats and headbands.


Not to say you should hide your baby's crazy head of hair, but sometimes its nice to have options.

Also, I'm not usually a big fan of baby headbands but Little Hip Squeaks sent me a set for Harlow and I have to say, I've never seen anything so adorable in my life. They are the exact opposite of the satin bejeweled crocheted huge-ass flower creations I've seen. Instead they are made in simple soft stretchy cotton in a variety of modern patterns and thus, way way cooler.


Yes, Harlow's hair is a sight to behold, but Harlow in a Little Hip Squeaks headband is like a sight and a half. 

Don't take my word for it. I have pictures…




Don't worry. Just because Harlow is sporting headbands doesn't mean she's lost her edge. Here's Harlow proving she can wear a headband and still hand your head to you on a plate.


If you don't have a baby with a head of hair that can compete, I am also giving away a second $50 Little Hip Squeaks gift card on Instagram. No crazy hair required. Just visit my feed (@mommyshorts) for details.

Also, I should tell you that Little Hip Squeaks hats and headbands sell out fast. A new shipment of headbands will be posted tomorrow.

Finalists for "Most Epic Baby Hair" will be announced next Friday, May 24th. Then we will put them to a vote.

Good luck!