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Mazzy and I are starring in a new video for American Express! Well, it’s not actually us. It’s the animated versions of us. Which might be even better.

It’s about the time I bought a new printer and Mazzy thought it was magic.

I guess when a kid sees photos on a computer or an iPhone her entire life, seeing them printed onto an actual piece of paper seems like the newer more amazing technology.

Maybe I’ll buy Mazzy a rotary phone for her birthday and really blow her mind!

“See these cords? ELECTRICITY travels through them.”


Before you watch the video, I must tell you four things.

1) My house is huge! At least in cartoon land.

2) I swear, I say “like” in the video way more than I say it in real life. At least, that’s what I tell myself so I can sleep at night.

3) The drawings depict us perfectly, except they get one major thing wrong. Mazzy would NEVER wear an entire outfit without one drop of pink.

4) Mazzy and Harlow have watched this video about ONE BILLION TIMES.


And just so you know this is a totally true story, here are photos of Mazzy’s actual “About Me” book…

Photo 1 copy 2

Photo 2 copy 2

Photo 5

Photo 3 copy 2

Photo 3


All the images in the pages below were chosen by Mazzy herself when I told her the prompt…

Photo 2 copy

Photo 1 copy

Photo 3 copy

Photo 4

Photo 2

We were instructed to fill the last few pages with whatever we wanted. Mazzy decided to draw a picture of her and Harlow at the beach…

Photo 1

We made the book for her first day of preschool and they gave it back to us at the end of last year.

You know, before she headed into kindergarten.



Big thanks to American Express for including me in their #EverydayMoments campaign!