Remember last summer when Harlow had a ridiculous head of baby hair and I compared it to everyone from Alfalfa to Rihanna? And then everyone started submitting pictures of their own babies with ridiculous heads of hair until I turned it into a photo contest that somehow went viral?

And then everyone on my facebook page went crazy and accused the winner of wearing a baby wig which got picked up by the Daily Mail as a big scandal which then was reported on NPR as a question on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me that Paula Poundstone got right?

And then the mother of the accused had to defend her baby’s hair with nine different photos chronicling the first two years of her daughter’s life in a “hair timeline” to prove it was real???

Oh man, I think I’m shedding some Mommy Shorts tears of nostalgia.

For those who weren’t following my blog back then, here are some of the photos that made last year’s “Search for the Most Epic Head of Baby Hair” so EPIC. Hairstyle names created by yours truly.




















Guess what?


You’re like— We know, Ilana. That was your headline. SHEESH.

Okay, you’re right. But this time, it is back in a big way because Baby Magic has signed onto sponsor the contest and is giving away a $750 cash prize plus a $25 Baby Magic gift set to shampoo the baby with the craziest head of hair!

I guess the parents of the baby can keep the money if they want. I won’t say anything. YET.

Dear Past Epic Baby Hair Winner,

You have probably left home by now and are married with your own kids, but did you know that back in July of 2014, your parents entered you in an Epic Baby Hair contest and then pocketed $750 that was rightfully yours?? You earned that with your ridiculous head of hair! If I were you, I would knock on the door of their apartment in Shady Pines Retirement Community to confront them about it.

Your friend,

Mommy Shorts

PS: You also won a Baby Magic gift set that you could be using on your own children right now. Their bath and skincare products are hypoallergenic, smell just like a baby should and have been used for generations at bathtime and bedtime. Ask for that back too!


I’m betting that since last year, there are a lot more babies out there who could be potential winners. Maybe even some younger siblings to previous contestants. Does Jack Nicholson have a baby sister with a massive cowlick? Maybe Danny Devito has a little brother with a faux hawk?? Or is there a brand new reader who is eager to show off her baby’s Texas-shaped bald spot???


To enter, upload your pics to the Mommy Shorts facebook page or post them to #epicbabyhair on Instagram, where you will find some of the submissions from last year.

I’ll be counting new photo submissions only, so if you have an old photo on Instagram you’d like to enter, please re-upload and repost to the hashtag. All #epicbabyhair entries on Instagram must tag and follow both @mommyshorts and @originalbabymagic in the main caption to win.

If you are submitting through facebook, you must follow both the Mommy Shorts fanpage and the Baby Magic fanpage to enter. Just post your photo right on the top of my fanpage wall with your kid’s first name.

Feel free to give your baby’s hairstyle a name but don’t be surprised if I change it to something else. If there is one thing I am good at, it’s assigning baby hairstyle names.

I’ll be keeping track of my favorite submissions on the Mommy Shorts facebook page and will be asking my facebook fans for help narrowing down the photos to the finalists as the contest progresses. Ultimately, ten epic heads of baby hair will compete against eachother at the end of July, with the winner announced on August 4, 2014.

The grand prize winner will receive a $750 cash gift card with a Baby Magic Gift Set, while the remaining finalists will all take home a $50 cash gift card and a Baby Magic gift set.

You can find the full rules here.

Big thanks to Baby Magic for bringing back Epic Baby Hair in truly epic fashion. If you want to do me a huge favor, write a comment on their facebook page or tweet them (@Baby_Magic) to say thanks.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos.

May the most epic head of baby hair win!