Some very cool stuff happened this week including two huge shout-outs in the Huffington Post. They picked up my letter to Jessica Simpson and included me in their Best Mom and Dad Blogs of the Week(!).

I'm feeling pretty fancy, right about now.

In Mazzy news, she looked cute as ever (see above), put her terrible twos on hold (thank god), and did many impressive things— like while she was playing with a bunch of change on the table at a restaurant, suddenly she announced, "I made Mickey Mouse!"

That she did.


What else happened in the past two weeks besides Mazzy being accepted into MENSA?

• Mazzy found out Mike's a murderer

• I lost my shit on Grey's Anatomy

• We learned toddlers suck at seduction

• Mazzy sold overpriced poop in a box

• Someone got buried in a Hello Kitty casket

• Three kids paid tribute to the Beastie Boys

• One kid air drummed to Nirvana  

• Mazzy prepared her Oscar acceptance speech

• We all identified with Jessica Simpson

• Dr. B taught Magical Toddler Control Voodoo

And, last but not least, I announced a giveaway for ten $60 gift credits to If free babysitting is something you might enjoy, you can still enter here.

If you are not a Mommy Shorts facebook fan (and why the hell not???), here is one of the gems you missed this week…


I can take no credit for writing it, but the sheer amount of likes and shares it generated, goes a long way in saying how many of you have read/are reading this fantastically horrible trilogy.

I'm at the end of Book #3 myself and CANNOT WAIT for it to be over. I feel like I've had a real life love affair with Christain Grey and now I'm at the part where the sex is boring and I'm itching for some plot points.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 

But if you spend it making a Greybie, please don't name it Anastasia, okay?

— Mommy Shorts