Meredith-after-the-crash_440x355It’s going to be hard to end the week on a good note because I just watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

And as much as I like to stay on topic here at Mommy Shorts (parenting related nonsense and the like), sometimes I need to vent about something random.

Like television.

Specifially horrible television that continues to waste my time.*

First of all, that should not have been the season finale. That should have been PART 1 of a Two Hour Season Finale.

Secondly (SPOILER ALERT), if Grey’s Anatomy isn’t going to get me (a person who has watched the show since it’s inception) to cry when Lexi dies, then that seriously says something AWFUL about McSteamy’s acting abilities.

Also? Why kill off Lexi???

Here’s my real problem.

Grey’s is SO OVER. It is time for Shonda to put the whole thing out of it’s misery and concentrate on promising new shows like SCANDAL.

The only reason I continued to watch the show this year is because I really thought ABC was bringing it to it’s rightful end.

And they had everything set up to end it perfectly!

Derek and Meredith go to Boston, Christina goes to Mayo, Alex goes to Hopkins, Teddy goes to Medco or whatever, Bailey gets married, Avery convinces Kepner to follow him to Tulane, Mark dumps the other chick for Lexi, Owen stays in Seattle miserable as Chief because I hate him, the real Chief rendezvous’s with Debbie Allen and then you end on Callie and Arizona having hot sex when all of a sudden George materializes out of thin air to say he is happy they are happy even if he is still dead. And just when you think the show is over, they cut to Alex putting his new scrubs in his Hopkins locker and who should walk in??? Dr. Izzy!

See??? Perfect ending!

But instead, they leave them all wrecked and dying in the wilderness because they think I will want to tune in next season to see if Derek will ever regain the use of his operating hand even though they already did that storyline with Burke.

And I don’t think I could handle whatever harrowing survival storyline they have cut out for Mark Sloane because the man showed his true acting chops tonight and they are non-existent.


We loyal fans really need a revise.

And a quick painless end.

Thank you.

* This also refers to Private Practice but I’m not ready to admit that I watch that just yet.


PhotoIn other ranty type news, I know that I am probably the only parenting outlet (do you like how I called myself an outlet?!) that did not cover the crazy brouhaha over the Time magazine cover.

I didn’t cover it because I didn’t find it relevant to my site. I have never experienced any sort of Mom Wars around here.

And I’ve always believed that when someone does something for attention (which is what Time was doing by using that cover photo and headline), the best thing we can do to squash it— is ignore it.

Isn’t that the first rule of winning any “fight”?

Note: That’s two of Mike’s friends (Hi, Jeff and Steve!) photoshopped into the cover. Uncle Brian sent it to me earlier this week.


Now please— if you are a Grey’s fan, do me a big favor and commiserate with me in the comment section below.

And try to have a good weekend, regardless.

— Mommy Shorts