Diapers.com $100 Shopping Spree Giveaway


I don't know how it works for people who don't live in Manhattan but here we like to take full advantage of delivery service. If someone will bring you take-out from your favorite restaurant, groceries from Fresh Direct, freshly laundered clothes from the dry cleaner, etc. then why the hell would you waste time changing out of your pajamas to get it yourself?

And if New Yorkers won't even venture a block and a half to pick-up their favorite pizza, they're certainly not going to take a subway across town to Buy Buy Baby to pick up assorted baby necessities only to lug them back home on foot. Also— even if you happened to live next door to Buy Buy Baby, would you really want to risk entering a store so large that it resembles the opening sequence in Spaceballs? You know— when the bigass ship just keeps continuing and continuing and continuing? You might as well just call your family and tell them you've fallen into a baby vortex and you hope you'll be out by the end of the summer.

These are just two reasons every parent I know in Manhattan uses Diapers.com. Myself included. So when BabyCenter asked me if I wanted to do an $100 Diapers.com giveaway, I didn't hesitate. Diaper delivery is something I can get behind 100%.

Here's the deal: BabyCenter gave me an $100 shopping spree to promote Diapers.com's current sale going on thru March 20th plus one $100 shopping spree to give away to my readers.

I took one look at that $100 discount code and I said— WHEE!!!! I'm gonna get my baby this:

Picture 33

Here are the answers to some questions you probably have for me. Yes, they really sell this on Diapers.Com. No, $100 wouldn't cover it. And no, I didn't really get it. Even though I think it's awesome and I bet my child would be joining the ranks of Mozart and Lady Gaga and that super talented piano playing muppet— Ralph, in no time.

What I actually bought was a bit more practical:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Summer TinyDiner Placemat— if you take away anything from this post, please let it be that you buy this placemat. It's rubber with suction cups and there is a lip that sits over the edge of the table to act as a food catcher. It is brilliant and we use it whenever we eat out. The only reason I bought another is because we left ours at a restaurant this past weekend.

2. OXO fork and spoon— Mazzy has begun to cry at the sight of our silverware. She has other spoon/fork options but I realized she wanted to use something that looks more similar to our own.

3. A+D Ointment— Yay! Ointment!

4. Melissa & Doug Jenna Doll— Operation: Phase Out The Hideous Doll Sisters has offically commenced.

5. Dr. Suess ABC book— Mazzy is learning words at a mile a minute. More on this next week.

6. mOmma plate— There is no suction cup on the bottom. This is the parenting equivalent of skydiving without a chute. What can I say? I'm living dangerously.

7. Aveeno Baby Sunscreen— Mazzy has eczema and Aveeno has been good to us so far. Plus the summer is coming (if I hadn't shunned emoticon usage I would insert smiley face here).

8. VTech Tiny Touch Phone— One more attempt to get Mazzy to stay the hell away from my iPhone.

9. Carter's Animal Parade PJs— Most of our pajamas are fleece footie one-pieces which are quickly becoming too warm for the weather.

10. Crayola Large Washable Crayons (unpictured)— I may be getting ahead of myself but as an art major in college, I cannot WAIT for Mazzy to start drawing. Pressure to be incredible artist applied in 5…4…3…

You'll notice that I didn't buy any diapers. But if you've been paying attention, you also know that I live in a NYC apartment where there is very little storage space. Currently, diapers are stocked to capacity. If I buy anymore, I will have no choice but to sleep with them in my bed.

The Giveaway:

One lucky reader will get their own $100 Diapers.com shopping spree. The only rule (as always) is that you must be a Mommy Shorts facebook fan to enter. I do this because I want my giveaways to benefit the people who are continually reading and supporting my site. If you are not already a fan, you can easily become one by clicking the "like" button on the facebook widget on my right sidebar or by clicking here.

Then leave a comment below on the topic: Diaper Jeans— yay or nay? It's not required, but it would make this giveaway way more fun. The stronger your opinions, the better.

Winner will be announced next Friday, March 25th. Good luck!


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