Today is Valentine’s Day! Growing up, I always thought of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for couples, and since I spent so many years as a single person, I totally rejected the holiday, even on years that I happened to be involved in a relationship. Now that I have kids, I see it as more a holiday about love, than romantic love, and I’ve come around to appreciating the silliness and simplicity of the day.

Whether you like Valentine’s Day or you don’t, I think all parents will appreciate the Valentine’s memes below:

On homemade Valentines:

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On conversation hearts:

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On romance:

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On addressing Valentines Day cards:

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On Valentine’s Day gifts:

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On sweet sentiments:

On the importance of romance:

On being single:

On good intentions:

On Valentine’s Day breakfast:

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On Valentine’s Day dinner plans:

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On forgetful spouses:

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On Valentines for mom friends:

Source: Valentines for Mom Friends

On selecting your Valentine:

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On saving your Valentines:

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On Valentine’s Day poems:

Source: @loud_momma

On celebrating with teens:

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Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day!