There were some really funny comments this week, particularly on Traveling the Only Way My Husband Knows How— On Schedule. Threats of divorce from andthenKate, attempts to throw herself out of a moving vehicle from Bueno Baby, and something about a crazed monkey dressed up like a manic clown from Carrie at Adhocmom. There was even an engagement announcement from Mofthesea at 1000 Reasons I'm A Crap Mom, right before she anounced she keeps her baby in a coop in the basement. True to her brand, that Mofthesea.

BUT. I am going to give the comment of the week to Carole (you don't need a blog to comment!) for three reasons. 1) She was my best friend up until 4th grade when she moved to the far off land of Syosset (that was two towns over but tell that to a ten-year-old) and we have recently connected again 2) It was on I'm a Mommy Blog Finalist! so it gives me a reason to link it up again (currently tied for first place- keep those votes coming!) and 3) It was funny while also being clever enough to cross reference a second post— Monkeying Around-Up (See What I Did There?)

In regards to me embracing the word 'miscellanous' in 'Best Miscellaneous Blogger' even though that was the word that lost me the 6th grade spelling bee, Carole said: